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Major Release – ROBO-CLOUD is here

Major Release – ROBO-CLOUD is here

Look into the sky and you might see a Cumulus labeled ROBO-CLOUD! It remembers who you are, what Robot you are making and everything you have in your inventory which is accessible anywhere on planet Earth.


          All data is now stored in ROBO-CLOUD
          If you’ve logged in recently then your RP, GC and Cube Inventory is already in the cloud
          Your TP, Tech Tree Unlocks, Player Level, Daily Bonus will be transferred into the cloud automatically
          Your Robot stored in CubeSaveData.txt will be transferred to the cloud also
          IMPORTANT NOTE: If you’ve been using the trick\hack of copying CubeSaveData files to store different Robots, you need to make sure you’re favourite Robot is in place before you login for the first time as that is the one that will be transferred to the cloud, you will have to sacrifice the rest.
          You can now have multiple different users play on the same PC with different logins
          You can also login with your account on different PC’s and your cubes, Robot etc, will be there
We have tested this release extensively, but there are just 5 of us devs so if you see any bugs please email them to info@freejamgames.com or post them on the Tech Support forum.  


          Laser Cannon barrels reduced in length slightly on the L4 and L5 so you can fit more on your Robots
          Laser Cannon range for low level cannons increased, and high level cannons reduced slightly (high level cannons still have a larger range than low level ones though, but by less)
          Recoil force on Laser Cannons reduced
–        Increased the torque and top speed of the Level 1 wheels
–        Increased the Robot ranking of the Helium cube to reduce the size of flying Robots in the Noob level.


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  1. andrew says
    27/08/2013, 13:48

    hi I am in Canada and when I try to login it says general error 404 not found I was looking forward to playing this game

  2. megacron says
    27/08/2013, 09:17

    ok ill try

  3. SSJ4GOGETA says
    26/08/2013, 21:29

    u probably have to exit and launch the game again or that u have to update it or if its still not working ask one of the creators when they r in the chat

  4. megacron says
    26/08/2013, 20:21

    and im in united kindom british

  5. megacron says
    26/08/2013, 20:20

    anyone answer me plz

  6. megacron says
    26/08/2013, 20:19

    im a new guy a bit new

  7. megacron says
    26/08/2013, 20:19

    oh my the way im megacron

  8. megacron says
    26/08/2013, 20:18

    guys im having a problem i cant see my robots level 1 thrusters their invincible and my tech tree does not show the things im sopoesed to unlock and buy THIS IS BAD D:

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