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Language Chat & Boss Battles

Language Chat & Boss Battles

Today’s release is now available and contains a few goodies.


  • New “Chat Language” setting, setting this to a language places you in a chat room designated for that language
  • Boss Battles – on rare occasions you will find yourself in a 1 vs. many battle – “can you build a Robot tough enough to be the boss?”


  • You now earn more RP for Damage and Kills
  • You now earn more RP for getting base cap segs
  • You now earn “slightly” less RP for Victory and Bravery (still a worthwhile amount, but less)
  • Armor now has a high Robot Ranking
  • High level cubes have a higher Robot Ranking (i.e. Weapons, Movement, Special)
  • Tiers have been re-balanced, T10 is now harder to obtain


  • Some anti-hacking measures have been put in place, there are still more to do though
  • Robot data has been optimized so reduce bandwidth on the servers – which reduces server running costs
  • Fixed a bug which prevented users from saving their Robots after selling cubes
  • Fixed ‘Terms and Conditions’ link on the registration panel


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  1. isaacmorrow says
    30/01/2014, 20:26

    Is there going to be an update this week? If so, what’s going to be in it?

  2. cammander078 says
    30/01/2014, 13:01

    devs I hope u realize that I have left the game to lack of updates and wont come bck till I see one and also I think the new lv up system is STUPID and should be fixed
    I was tier 8 one lv from being tier9 and guess wat happens im sent bck to tier7 WTF I hope I see improve ment -_-

    • Ric (Art Jammer, Freejam) says
      30/01/2014, 17:21

      The reason your Robot ranking reduced is in order to balance the game better for the lower tiers and stop L5 laser-bots entering tier 1 matches – we had to change the robot ranking system to make it fairer. Brian starts work on the plasma cannons again next week, he is already 75% done, this will change the face of Robocraft, hopefully you will love it.

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