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Japanese Design Competition ! | 日本コミュニティコンペ!

Japanese Design Competition ! | 日本コミュニティコンペ!

The Japanese have been at it again! Crafting creative, fantastic and odd robo creations! (no doubt you’ve seen many in battle…)
With over 100 entrants, it was no easy task selecting the winners and runner-ups!


Top 3 / トップ3:

@aceo_ ‘s Kerbal Space Program character –
What did we like?
Simply put, it looks identical to one of the poor little buggers.
It also has a sort of “Am I going to die?” look to it’s face…
好きな理由 :

 @aceo_ Web

@DassouMisuteru ‘s Pokemon character –
What did we like?
Both the hair and the cloak look animated, which is amazing considering what they created them in!
Furthermore the legs and arms being at an angle demonstrated a considerable amount of effort.
好きな理由 :


@maigohiyokorobo ‘s Metroid character –
What did we like?
The action pose looks awesome!
Then the visual effect he had coming out of her weapon using the glass blocks is fantastic!
好きな理由 :

 @maigohiyokorobo - Web

Deciding was extremely difficult so here’s some honorary mentions we felt had to be shown off!
Runner Up’s! / 準優勝


コンペ#1 - Winners


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  1. HappyWaff1e says
    09/05/2014, 12:42

    Metroid looks cool but im gona have to say the Kerbal (ksp ftw)

  2. cynialklumpeduns says
    08/05/2014, 17:27

    wow ksp i love that game 😀

  3. kp1009 says
    02/05/2014, 03:22


  4. KervinMC says
    01/05/2014, 16:33

    Yep it always the Japanese…

  5. SpaceBot7 says
    30/04/2014, 15:17

    The Metroid is my favorite. 🙂

  6. Sectapod says
    30/04/2014, 12:35

    i like the metroid one veryy good pose and color sceme 😀

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