Upcoming Maintenance


Hey there Robocrafters, Please note that we’ll be taking the game offline from 10:00 AM (UTC+1) on Thursday October 11th so we can add the exciting new Campaign Mode to Robocraft. Campaign Mode is a new single-player game mode where you fight against waves of AI controlled robots over 5 difficulty levels. Read our recent Dev Jam to find out more about Campaign Mode.


It’s also worth mentioning that this update has been designed to give you guys an early look at Campaign Mode; it is not the final version and that’s why we refer to it as Campaign Mode (First Draft). It’s incredibly important to us that we make Campaigns mode the best it can be for you and for that we will need your constructive feedback on the new mode. We will have an official feedback thread on the forums once the update is live.

Please note that maintenance is expected to take up to two hours but could go on longer if we hit any issues when deploying the build.

Thanks for your continued patience and support while we update the game.

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