Twitter-Voted Community BRAWL!


If you follow us on Twitter, you’ll have no doubt seen that we recently gave you the opportunity to vote on what the next BRAWL should be. Over the course of a week, we published a number of polls, giving you different BRAWL settings/rules to vote on.


The results of those polls determined that you wanted a 10 v 10 Elimination with a max CPU of 1,500 and auto-heal off. So, that’s what we’ve done and you can play it now as it’s live in the game!

BRAWL Rules:

  • Game mode: Elimination
  • Team sizes: 10 v 10
  • Maps: Random
  • Auto-heal: Off
  • Max CPU: 1,500
  • Parts/Weapons: All permitted
  • First win bonus: 2x XP

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