One Day to Robopass

RoboPass is just one day away! You’ll soon be able to unlock new types of cosmetic items including the T5 Firework Seeker!

We are just one more day away until RoboPass launches! In fact there is a ticking countdown on the Robocraft Steam Stream which counts down to the release!

Today we wanted to reveal another Cosmetic item. The T5 Firework Seeker!


The T5 Firework Seeker is based on the T5 Seeker but has a much more festive skin equipped with pre-lit fireworks which are used as projectiles! These projectiles also explode into a colourful firework display!


Balance Changes

Last week we shared some details on the balance changes that were coming to Robocraft in combination with RoboPass. Based on feedback from the community, the Seeker, Chaingun and Mortar have had their health reduced just a little bit. so the health per CPU is consistent for all weapons.

Once this update goes live. We will follow the data very closely to see how players respond to these changes. Based on feedback we will change the numbers. Of course, once you play the latest update, do let us know your thoughts!

Planned Maintenance

To prepare the game for RoboPass and our other changes we will need to go into maintenance beginning from 10:00AM GMT and will last approximately three hours.

Tomorrow we’ll reveal the very last piece of content that will arrive as part of the RoboPass update as well as a full ChangeLog. Until then, Build, Drive Fight!

ReelBigKris - Comms Manager

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