New Login System Update


Hey there Robocrafters, If you’ve been active in the game recently, you’ll no doubt be aware that yesterday (September 17th), we rolled out a new website, forums and login system for Robocraft.


While the launch of the new website and forums went without a hitch, the same couldn’t be said for the new Robocraft login system. Unfortunately, the update was beset with issues relating to the new way we displayed player names and the automatic login of players loading the game via Steam.

We sincerely apologise for the obvious inconvenience and annoyance this caused many of our players who found themselves with unwelcome numbers after their usernames, incorrect usernames and the inability to choose which account to login to via Steam.

So, what are we going to do? We’ve listened to your feedback and wanted to let you know that we will revert some of the changes made yesterday. These will be rolled out in steps in the coming days to ensure a smooth and hopefully issue-free delivery.

  • Remove the #hashcode from the end of player names in-game
  • Bring back the old login system, allowing Steam users to choose which account they want to login to
  • New players logging in via Steam will now get to choose a unique username at the point of playing for the first time
  • Make usernames unique once more (no more multiple ToastyMike accounts)
  • Any usernames that are currently incorrect will be reverted to their original name. Any players whose display name can’t be reverted can request a change by contacting support
  • Fix the current issue with usernames displaying incorrectly in both Friends and Clan lists
  • Fix a bug which is causing the number 2 to appear at the end of player names

The team are currently hard at work coding up the changes as it isn’t possible to just revert everything back to pre-update status. We expect the changes to start coming out in the next few days.

Once again, we’re really sorry for the issues caused by the latest update; rest assured we will be putting processes in place to ensure this doesn’t happen in the future.

Thanks for your continued support and patience while we resolve these issues.

Team Freejam.

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