Infinity Is Coming


Hey all, If you’ve been following our Twitter or Facebook channels, our Steam page, or visited the Robocraft forums in the past week, you’ll have no doubt seen our daily Infinity Update announcements and reveals.


If you’ve missed any of the announcements, here’s what we’ve revealed to-date:

Follow the links above to get the low-down on these features. We’ve still more to announce, and we’ll continue to do so daily right up until the release of the Infinity Update.

As you can see just from the features mentioned above, and without talking about the content we’ve yet to reveal, the Infinity Update is shaping up to be the biggest single update in Robocraft’s life. It really is a MASSIVE undertaking for our small, incredibly dedicated and hard-working team of coders, artists, QA, and production. All this new content needs to be added to the existing legacy code, which has been modified, changed and updated throughout Robocraft’s life. Hannah and Ben in the QA team are currently blasting their way through the test plans, raising issues with the coders who then have to work through thousands of lines of code to fix the reported issues without breaking more things along the way as fixing one bug can raise an underlying issue that also needs to be resolved too.

While the team are doing their best to fix all the issues prior to the Infinity Update launching, we’ll be completely honest with you and state that there will in all likelihood be “Day One” issues. Despite our best efforts and working overtime, we honestly don’t think we’ll have covered off every eventuality in-order to deliver an issue-free update. So, we will need you to bear with us while we fix any bugs that come up on launch day. But by working with us and reporting any bugs and issues through our support system, we’ll be able to assign them to the right team member and fix them ASAP. We know, as gamers ourselves, that it can be incredibly frustrating when a game is updated and something is broken for you, but just telling us “the update is broken fix it!” on Facebook doesn’t help us fix the issue. By using the support systems we have in place, we’re hoping you’ll be able to explain what the issue is, and provide additional evidence in the form of output logs, screenshots, or even videos. Anything you can provide that will help us fix the issue is always greatly appreciated.

To finish, the Infinity Update is a new and exciting phase in the life of Robocraft and one we hope you enjoy. Remember, your feedback is very important to us, but please, keep it civil, constructive and don’t resort to threats and abuse when communicating with us - we’re only human after all.

Thanks for being awesome.

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