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Is this the future of Robocraft?

Is this the future of Robocraft?

Freejam have been working hard on some awesome technology that will allow us to relax the CPU limits and really allow you to create Robots of fantastic scale and power early in 2014.

These megabots will be rare in game and their owners will be infamous, as the dedication and skills required to build and master these vast boss Robots will be something most users can only dream of.

The images in this post are concept images, and the YouTube video a concept video showing the scale of the Robots we’re aiming to allow in Robocraft.

The changes to the game required to allow Robots with over 100,000 cubes in won’t happen over night, they will happen step by step and in parallel to all the other features planned. We just wanted to give you an early peak into the future of Robocraft and what amazingness 2014 will bring.

NB: The scale of the L10 wheel on this Robot is virtually the size of the entire new user Robot. The scale of the L10 Lasers on this Robot are more than twice the length of the current L5 S-TYPE.



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  1. SnarlTheBeast says
    31/12/2013, 21:46

    I think this is the first time in history that the robocraft servers are full. I can’t connect because of a full server as of 1:45 PST on 12/31/13

    • jono3108 says
      31/12/2013, 22:23

      great…. i think

    • jono3108 says
      31/12/2013, 22:24

      thats great… i think…

      • jono3108 says
        31/12/2013, 22:25


  2. jono3108 says
    31/12/2013, 16:07

    i love the little flying thing youve got there

  3. jono3108 says
    31/12/2013, 16:06

    that pretty much looks like the best thing ive seen all year (as in 2013)!!!

  4. Hybridrago says
    31/12/2013, 15:21

    I guess you could expect most MODs would have one of these? (If they do release these).

  5. botwarrior says
    31/12/2013, 00:49

    i cant wait till this comes out please hurry

  6. megacron says
    30/12/2013, 21:48

    i dont know how to send emails

    • 31/12/2013, 09:57

      your account is very old, I guess Brian must check it. I will remind him for you.

  7. cammander078 says
    30/12/2013, 21:15

    this idea is so genuis o-o
    (i spelled that wrong lol)

  8. Spirit of Sol says
    29/12/2013, 22:13

    Lol comapre the Heliwrong to it its almost 12x THE SIZE OF IT XD

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