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Introducing Our New Game, CardLife!


Greetings, people of Robocraft! We just wanted to take a moment to introduce CardLife, the new game from FreeJam. Set in a fully-customisable world built entirely from recycled cardboard, CardLife is a science fantasy survival game where players build, craft, fight, and survive in a persistent, player-driven world.

The players have always been central to the ethos of Freejam’s games – Robocraft draws great strength from the creativity and passion of its players – but with CardLife, we’re looking to take that one step further. We want the entire game world to be influenced and shaped by its population, whether that be through building and crafting with the tools we provide, or through good old-fashioned modding. If you’ve got a great idea for a mod, or even if you just want to show off what you’ve created in-game so far, be sure to share it with us, as we’d love to see it!


[every structure in this image was crafted by players]

Ultimately, we’re looking to build a world which spans genres and ages – a towering mech battling a rampaging dragon, a ship full of adventurers journeying to a far-off island to slay goblins, and fully-formed, bustling cities teeming with life are just some of the scenarios we want to see. We’ll only be able to do this with the help of our players, so please, please don’t be shy with your feedback, and share your best creations with us wherever you can. We’re at the very genesis of the world right now, but as it grows and develops, you’re going to be a key part of it.

If you’d like to get a look at the CardLife experience, then our introductory video will give you a flavour of the early game, including the unique crafting system and survival elements;

We’ve been working on this title for a couple of years now, and while we’re still in very Early Access we’re offering the game at a heavy discount.You can join up as a Founder now at http://cardlifegame.com/ to begin your very own Cardboard adventure!

If you have any feedback, questions or comments please feel free to contact us at any of our social portals: Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, Discord, and our very own Forums.