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International Robocraft

International Robocraft


Robocraft goes international – Gather ye friends and mount an assault on all Belligerent Mechanical Savages.

I feel we are reaching a tipping point the evolution of Robocraft – In the fertile and twisted imagination of our Freejam Boffins, a bounty of user friendly gadgetry has been fashioned for all you armchair Robot killers:

1) If you’re not a lone cannon like me you might want to boast enlightening tales of Robot dismantlement or quietly wage war against a brutal alliance with fellow hunters, then you are fortunate because Robocraft now supports a monstrous Friends list and international chat with all language support. Recruit Roboteers from the furthest parts of the galaxy to help in your violent quest for supremacy.

2) Unleashed are the restriction on Plasma Cannon placement, it made no sense to force flyers into robot flipping hooliganism and stifle creativity, so bond your shiny new Plasma cannons to the underside of your Robot and get blasting Bomber style.

3) Undoubtedly the most triumphant invention in this update is the new bionic camera system, Waaaah and marvel at the unobstructed view from your crazy contraption as you focus on your target with pin point accuracy – maybe it will massively increase your chances of hitting something, or your chances of getting hit !!  MUAHAHAAAAaaaaaaaa…..

– Access via the Social menu, by pushing TAB or ‘L’
– Invite up to 100 friends
– See when your friends are online
– Start one-to-one chats with your friends
– Invite them into Platoons

– Chat and name your Robot in extended European, Cyrillic and Kanji
– Tabs allow you to chat to Everyone, Platoon and up to 3 x Friends at once
– Hit TAB to tab forwards, and SHIFT+TAB to tab back
– Hit F1, F2, F3, F4, F5 & F6 to short cut to the tabs
– Tab will flash if there is new content waiting for you to read
– Invite a friend to start a chat, and that will go into friend slot 1
– You can chat to friends both inside the Mothership and when in battle, you don’t have to be in the same place at the same time

– Hold down the right mouse button to ‘aim’
– When in aim mode your are zoomed in with a greater view distance
– Plasma zooms in more, and can see farther than Laser

– Added music and volume controls to the Settings menu

– Added the new Robot Banner cube, which displays the name of your Robot on the side of your Robot, even in multiplayer
– Added Australian Flag Badge

– Camera now attempts to maintain a better height above your Robot, meaning your Robot is not blocking your line of sight as often
– Camera zooms in a lot closer without putting your Robot in the way
– Camera zooms out a lot more so you can show off your whole Robot in screenshots and YouTube vids

– Damage indicator appears on screen to show where you’re taking damage from
– This is especially useful in Aim Mode
– Currently this is ‘Robot relative’, but will be changed to ‘Camera relative’ in next release

– Galaxy Cash prices now offered in Japanese Yen and British Pounds
– Keyboard short-cuts for Battle Mode changed to ‘B’, ‘E’ is now for the ‘Enter Battle Menu’
– Upgraded UI technology, so you can now TAB between fields, and cut, copy, paste in text boxes and in the chat
– Plasma Cannon crosshair improved
– Rebalanced Plasma Cannon, faster projectile speed, less blast radius
– You can no longer login with your email address, you must login with your username as this was causing some problems


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  1. eivindsol says
    06/04/2014, 10:25

    can you FreeJam please let us users change plannet/place in practice modus? It would be fun to make a skating robot to the ice planet!

    Hope you FreeJam are happy for this game, because it’s AWESOME!!!

  2. aptem3000 says
    31/03/2014, 13:54

    make during the sight was to be seen where before you fly when not see where fly

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