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Improved Game Launcher

Improved Game Launcher

We just uploaded a slightly improved Game Launcher.


– Game now takes less time to launch if you already have the latest version

– Progress bar shows you how big the download is for each update and your progress through the download in MB’s

You do not need to re-download it again if you don’t want to as the benefits are quite minor, but if you want to, feel free – just click the download button on the front page.


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  1. Havic1701 says
    24/10/2013, 01:00

    hey i was wondering if you could make it where you could like pick team or all out or 2 on 2 on 2 i thought that would be cool and you also need to add a team chat system it would be a lot easier but with the team chat put on a guard or something that make them stop spam and cussing. thank you.

    • Seb (Tech Jammer, Freejam) says
      24/10/2013, 09:33

      I wonder how we cope with typing when the action is so fast.

      • Mark (Design Jammer, Freejam) says
        24/10/2013, 19:00

        We’ll definitely be adding team chat, first Spectator Mode, then team chat

  2. Altoar says
    21/10/2013, 15:15

    So, what’re you devs up to at the moment then? Plasma cannons?

    • Ric (Art Jammer, Freejam) says
      21/10/2013, 16:59

      Team gameplay mainly – we have been testing it today & its loads of fun.
      yeah Plasma cannons in production too and i have designed the Level 5 Rail Cannon today, its lush !!

      • madattak
        Dr Freeman (madattak) says
        21/10/2013, 19:49

        Rail cannon you say? What’s after that is it… WINGS!?

      • Altoar says
        21/10/2013, 20:15

        Sounds pretty awesome, It’s good to be back btw, especially to be met by a ton of awesome updates! =D

      • Ric (Art Jammer, Freejam) says
        22/10/2013, 09:37

        Not quite yet although mark and i had a discussion about them yesterday – We want to establish all the weapon classes first so that they can be balanced for team gameplay, then i think we will move to more methods of propulsion 🙂

    • madattak
      Dr Freeman (madattak) says
      24/10/2013, 14:50

      You mean like… WINGS!?

      …I need them to live.

      • Seb (Tech Jammer, Freejam) says
        24/10/2013, 20:57

        one day it will happen 🙂 Obviously they will be damn expensive 😀

    • madattak
      Dr Freeman (madattak) says
      24/10/2013, 23:09

      380K expensive? (I may have spent 100K on hover blades)

      • builderbrick says
        25/10/2013, 14:10

        Congrats longest update reply, I think.

  3. SamoTheBest says
    18/10/2013, 12:01

    im gonna try hoping it works..

    • Seb (Tech Jammer, Freejam) says
      18/10/2013, 13:13

      Samo I do not think your problem is related to the launcher. Anyway do you still have the same problems?

      • SamoTheBest says
        18/10/2013, 13:23

        well.. if it’s not then what could it be? and yes still the same im updating it right now

    • Ric (Art Jammer, Freejam) says
      21/10/2013, 13:27

      Have you actually tried to download and play the game on someone else’s computer and not in your house ?

  4. Mojang says
    17/10/2013, 20:04

    PLEASE make a FPS update!

    • Mark (Design Jammer, Freejam) says
      17/10/2013, 20:59

      On its way mojang

      • Mojang says
        17/10/2013, 23:22


  5. robofight says
    17/10/2013, 17:46

    OMG EPIC UPDATES YEAH.. oh i cant play oh well ill just wait till da next bug update

  6. Notjo says
    17/10/2013, 14:48

    Do we have to re-download it if we want it?

    • Seb (Tech Jammer, Freejam) says
      17/10/2013, 14:56


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