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Servers feeling the strain!

Servers feeling the strain!

We had a surprise HUGE influx of new users due to some viral mentions mainly in Poland.

This resulted in an unexpected and persistent 5 new user registrations per minute.

We hit our maximum server limit of 500 users online at the same time, so we expanded it to 1000.

We just hit 1000 🙂

We had one Amazon server supporting up to 12 games at once, and we increased it to 18 games and it wasn’t enough.

So, we spooled up 2 more Amazon servers which can support 18 games on each and that wasn’t enough.

We now have 4 Amazon servers supporting up to 80 games that can be running at the same time each with up to 16 Robots in.

Our chat system has gone crazy and you can’t understand what people are saying as it all moves past so quickly and everyone is speaking a different language.

So, please be patient with the five of us at Freejam, we are all working hard to resolve all the issues so you can have a smooth game experience. We will be separating the chat into multiple rooms so it can calm down once again. But, for the time being you may experience intermittent issues such as ‘server disconnection’ or ‘not enough servers’ or you may even see the dreaded ‘sorry the rooms are full with 1000 users’, so our apologies for all of that.

UPDATE 03-01-2014 : We increased user numbers to 2000, lets see if it is enough. We can now support 150 games at once.

UPDATE 06-01-2014 : OK, so since increasing the numbers to 2000 we maxed out the servers again, so we are adding more servers, we will be able to support 3000 online at the same time very soon. Sorry for any users who cannot connect at this time.


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  1. Misiu6666 says
    10/01/2014, 15:39

    Could someone help me ? I cant loggin in to game my client stuck(pause.frezze) and i cant play. I really want to play this game with friends.

  2. Browser says
    08/01/2014, 16:57

    C’mon Guys i understand you have a lot of new players but what if I bought yesterday a premium account and now i can’t play, and my premium account time is decreasing? As all the people in the world i like my money and i don’t like to waste it. So any solutions?

    • Mark (Design Jammer, Freejam) says
      09/01/2014, 07:01

      Of course, if any users lose premium time due to not being able to play, please just email us at info@freejamgames.com and we will extend your premium membership.

  3. MrDyrektor says
    08/01/2014, 15:31

    Special thanks to RockAlone2K, which invited to this game 4/5 actually Polish players 😀

    • Gieron says
      09/01/2014, 04:29

      i would say that was Wonziu actually

  4. cammander078 says
    08/01/2014, 12:42


  5. SamoTheBest says
    07/01/2014, 12:54

    go go freejam… you must be ready for the 1 million! im sure you will reach that number really soon! i promise… i said that from 6 months ago (maybe 7) and im still sure that you will reach the 1 million

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