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Ice Planet – progress report

Ice Planet – progress report

Ric’s probably going to moan at me about this post as he hates me posting about any new content before its finished, and he also hates my artwork (well he does do it a lot better than me), so i’m going out on a limb here and i’m going to take the rap for it as i’m excited about it and wanted to talk about it.

This is a work in progress view of the Ice Planet map number 1. This image shows the stage we call the ‘grey box’ which is the step we take when we first design the map and test it in game for scale and play-ability. Once we are happy with the greybox Ric takes it and ‘arts it up’ into a high fidelity master piece.

Main features of this map will be:

  • Frozen ice lake on the left hand side, wheeled Robots will really be taking a risk running down here
  • Broken glacier down the top right hand side, the breaks in the ice providing nice dense cover almost like an urban street of ‘blocks’
  • Larger scale, this map will be 25% larger than the Mars maps
  • High ground in the middle, route one to base, but its raised so a key tactical advantage gained if you get here first


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  1. poiasdem says
    28/01/2014, 13:48

    no spoko

  2. SanicHegehog says
    24/01/2014, 02:52

    Make green hill planet, for fast.

    • Coffee Fox (aBritishfox) says
      24/01/2014, 14:53

      Maybe, who knows, might have a sonic easter egg here somewhere.

  3. ASGE says
    23/01/2014, 05:40

    so did you breakinto his computer for this or what???:)

  4. coolboy69892 says
    22/01/2014, 17:31

    Hmmm wonder if the ice planet is gonna come out 😛

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