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How to Redeem Codes In-game

 To redeem your code in Robocraft, please follow these steps:

 (1) When in the mothership, press the ‘escape’ key to activate the ‘pause menu’.

robocraftclient 2016-09-08 13-07-00-25

 (2) With the ‘pause menu’ active, click on “ENTER CODE”.

robocraftclient 2016-09-08 13-10-28-27

 (3) Type or paste your promotional code into the text box.

robocraftclient 2016-09-08 13-07-17-47

 (4) If you typed the code correctly, a confirmation window will appear.

robocraftclient 2016-09-08 13-07-49-24

Please note that if you receive a promotional code, you will need to log out and back into Robocraft again to receive Premium benefits. Thanks for supporting Robocraft!