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Hellion Crater CARnage Update


Our latest BRAWL, Hellion Crater CARnage is now live in Robocraft. Ten cars will enter battle but only one will be victorious in this brutal futuristic road battle BRAWL. Will you be the ultimate road warrior and take the crown? The new BRAWL is a wheels and Tesla only game mode which makes great use of the Body Builder tool. Check out the CRF for the “Brawl CARnage Bot” Robot if you want to jump straight into a game with a pre-built Robot.


  • BRAWL: Hellion Crater CARnage
  • BRAWL Rules:
    • Game Mode: The Pit
    • Map: Hellion Crater
    • Players: 10
    • Special Rules:
    • Max CPU 1,100
    • Permitted Movement: Wheel Discoverer Only
    • Permitted Weapons: Tesla Slicer Only
    • First Win Bonus: 3x XP and 3x Protonium Crates
  • T-Rex Cosmetic Mask added to the game. For more information on how to obtain this legendary mask, click here.



  • Updated EAC (Easy Anti Cheat)