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  • Hallowfest 4 special event
    • Halloween mothership
    • Spooky in-game music during battles, in the mothership and during menus
    • Pumpkin salvage crates
    • Cackling skulls from Aeroflaks
    • Spooky Aeroflak explosions
    • Hallowfest 4 splash screen
    • Scary death screams when a player dies in battle
  • Spider Insect Leg Part
    • Rarity: Epic (Uncommon during the Hallowfest 4 event)
    • Robot CPU Load: 44 pFlops
    • Base Health: 59,400
    • Base Speed: 155 mph
    • Speed Boost: 1.1%
    • Mass: 16.0 kg
    • Jump Height: 67.4 meters
  • Bats & Spiders BRAWL – It’s land vs air in this spooktacular halloween-themed BRAWL. Who will be victorious in the battle between bats and spiders? Create Robot monstrosities and fight to the death!
    • BRAWL Rules:
    • Permitted weapons/modules: all weapons and modules permitted
    • Permitted movement: Insect Legs and Wings/Rudders only
    • Permitted CPU: All
    • Game Mode: Battle Arena
    • BRAWL Reward: x3 XP and x1 crate for first victory bonus
  • HUD – ON/OFF – Players can now hide/unhide the in-game HUD by pressing the +/= key. This has been added to enable streamers and video content creators to capture cleaner gameplay footage. Players can also turn on the HUD by pressing the TAB key.
  • 3 new Spike Cosmetics – Spike Claw / Spike Needle / Spike Pin
    • Rarity: Uncommon
    • Robot CPU Load: 1 pFLOP
    • Base Health: 0
    • Mass: 0.0kg
    • Note: These items are classed as cosmetics and so cannot be forged



  • We have made a number of improvements to Wings and Rudder parts including Bat Wings and Rudders at all sizes. The rate at which they ‘bank’ and ‘turn’ and ‘elevate’ as well as their ‘thrust’ has been adjusted. We have improved the largest parts a small amount, and the smaller parts have been improved a lot to ensure less performance loss when using smaller Wing and Rudder parts. We have also greatly reduced the loss of performance the heavier your Robot gets – so rather than a 75% reduction in performance, you’ll have a 50% reduction.
  • General improvements to Insect Legs making them more enjoyable to use in battle
  • Improvements to Hover Blade parts
  • Battle Arena rewards increased from 3+3 to 4+4
  • Steam Achievements have now been localised


  • The rarity of all Spooky Cosmetic parts has been reduced to Uncommon for the duration of the Hallowfest 4 event
  • The drop-rate percentage of Legendary parts in all crates has been increased to x5 for the duration of the Hallowfest 4 event
  • Hover Blades are now affected by carry mass
  • Unity game engine updated to version 5.6


  • Fixed a bug which caused a ‘Photon Error’ when a player purchased a Robot from the CRF and immediately dismantled it. This photon error would then lock a player out of their account when re-logging
  • Fixed a bug which prevented some players from editing Robots due to a “Cubes you don’t own are placed on this Robot” error
  • Fixed a bug which caused default player avatars from appearing correctly in the party invite widget
  • Fixed a bug that caused your ‘cube/part gun’ to incorrectly display the number of laser wasps you own when completing the tutorial