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Halloween Artbot Competition II Winners


In a recent artbot competition to celebrate our annual Hallowfest event we tasked you with creating some scary Halloween-themed Robots. We were inundated with all manner of weird and wonderful creations which made picking the winners for this competition particularly hard. But pick winners we did and below you’ll find our favourite five from each category alongside the winner for that category. The overall competition winner is revealed at the very bottom.

Congratulations to all the category winners and thank you to everyone that took time to create a Robot for the competition.

Category 1 – Up to 750 CPU

  • DB17 Skeleton Chariot by Insanes
  • DB17 Cackaling Skull by grimex1236
  • DB17 Master Hand by Vincentio
  • DB17 Good Luck Kitty by JSUInsane
  • DB17 LITTLE REAPER by djieff



Category 2 – 751 – 1,000 CPU

  • DB17 Mr. Beelzebub by Sheep_wielder
  • DB17 ghost girl by leon.z.andersson
  • DB17 Spider’s Web by Meep805
  • DB17 gaint spider by spaceshadow26
  • DB17 Grimm Boglin by milt69466


WINNER: DB17 Mr. Beelzebub by Sheep_wielder

Category 3 – 1,001 – 1,500 CPU

  • DB17 Headless Reaper by ArtyomAlekseyevich
  • DB17 Bone by Yimo1120
  • DB17 Vampire Biker by Nogard
  • DB17 – Lycanthrope by Bluhman
  • DB17_Jack Skellington by tina.ronnestam


WINNER: DB17 Vampire Biker by Nogard

Category 4 – 1,501 – 2,000 CPU

  • DB17 Spooky Pumpking by Arwesblackburn
  • DB17 The Spook Train by Darkdron270
  • DB17 Noisy hat witch by hideka
  • DB17 Friday the 13th by Modigliani
  • DB17 PumpkinRidingTrex by RoboAratt


WINNER: DB17 Friday the 13th by Modigliani

Category 5 – 2,001 and above CPU

  • DB17 slime swamp by dasher_to_levels
  • DB17 RealisticSkeleton by ZombieJesus666
  • DB17 Halloween Theater by cyt_3568
  • DB17 ={APOCALYPSE}= by Phantom454545
  • DB17 The Reaper by Gromek999


WINNER: DB17 ={APOCALYPSE}= by Phantom454545

Overall Winner


OVERALL WINNER: DB17 Friday the 13th by Modigliani