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% Hackerz be gone ᕦ(ò_ó*)ᕤ

% Hackerz be gone ᕦ(ò_ó*)ᕤ

Vamoose and be gone you nasty hackerz! Ed is angry – and it’s scaring me a little sitting behind him – and he’s been doing double time to help reduce the level of hacking in game.

We admit we’ve been too slack on the anti-hack front and RC has been too easy to hack until now. If it wasn’t for the amazing team of MODS combined with the forces of the honest T10’s looking to take down any speed hacking offenders we’d be a few honest Robocrafters vs. the hacker masses.

This update is designed to reduce the number of hackers seen in game. We’re no foolz. We know where there is a good game, there will always be hackers. We know that for every hack fix we put in, there will be some persistent hackers that will always want to ruin the fun. But as long as we can make their life difficult, and as long as we can make sure all the noob hackers out there can’t get a look in, we should be able to keep a little bit of order in the chaos.

You made Ed angry, you made him real angry, so the fight starts here!

  • New update today, mainly focused on anti-hack stuff
  • Some anti speed cheat code in place on server
  • Improved detection of damage, range, and fire-rate hacking on server so it creates less ‘false positives’ for honest users
  • Chat bug fixes as some users getting constant errors in the chat preventing them from playing


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  1. Laurensios says
    29/03/2014, 18:04

    aah thanks, i was wondering how they could drive trough the ground and stuff xD

  2. BRO_pyc says
    28/03/2014, 21:11

    Даа есть читаки

  3. Robohitman says
    28/03/2014, 16:59

    I hate to cheat and cheaters

  4. max6151 says
    21/03/2014, 15:53

    well, no hacks. I was just trolled by a guy with around 5000000000000000000000 plasma machine guns

    • purespencer2 says
      22/03/2014, 02:58

      well that sucks!
      i really wouldnt like that!

  5. kennnnnnn11 says
    21/03/2014, 01:24

    who cares

    • Tacobellmotel says
      27/03/2014, 10:29

      I care…

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