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% Hackerz be gone ᕦ(ò_ó*)ᕤ

% Hackerz be gone ᕦ(ò_ó*)ᕤ

Vamoose and be gone you nasty hackerz! Ed is angry – and it’s scaring me a little sitting behind him – and he’s been doing double time to help reduce the level of hacking in game.

We admit we’ve been too slack on the anti-hack front and RC has been too easy to hack until now. If it wasn’t for the amazing team of MODS combined with the forces of the honest T10’s looking to take down any speed hacking offenders we’d be a few honest Robocrafters vs. the hacker masses.

This update is designed to reduce the number of hackers seen in game. We’re no foolz. We know where there is a good game, there will always be hackers. We know that for every hack fix we put in, there will be some persistent hackers that will always want to ruin the fun. But as long as we can make their life difficult, and as long as we can make sure all the noob hackers out there can’t get a look in, we should be able to keep a little bit of order in the chaos.

You made Ed angry, you made him real angry, so the fight starts here!

  • New update today, mainly focused on anti-hack stuff
  • Some anti speed cheat code in place on server
  • Improved detection of damage, range, and fire-rate hacking on server so it creates less ‘false positives’ for honest users
  • Chat bug fixes as some users getting constant errors in the chat preventing them from playing


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  1. Budderbob_52 says
    18/03/2014, 21:31

    By the way I have gotten the laser sound glitch too.

  2. Budderbob_52 says
    18/03/2014, 21:30

    Have you removed the bug where in battle you can get stuck in chat?

  3. TeslaSin says
    18/03/2014, 20:56

    How about the music settings(mute) in the game? We’ve been waiting this for a long time…

  4. 18/03/2014, 20:55

    Nice i hope i don’t see that RP farming Tarkanhb again… its nice to shoot to those AFKers but it kills all the fun of competition in game.

    By the way.
    – when there be patch for invalid shooting sound
    I sometimes get “Klick, Klick” instead “Phew, Phew” :/
    – did there was disabled that Super Charge for the game that Freejam developed
    In ver. 0.6.321 every thing worked so perfect. No lags, no kicked outs in middle of fight, wait time was similar or smaller then that average counted by game…
    Then plasmas came and every problem thing is back like in ver. 0.6.302 (but with plasmas this time :/). For game I wait 2-3 or more min. even after that game may kick out in middle of map (and it does in most of the fights), there are some lags… and some players with who I was chating have “error 011” problems (i don’t have that problem i dealing with kickeouts) during game and more or less same bug experiences :(.
    – when there be some easy way to report players?
    – when there be some black list for chat implemented?
    I mark someone on chat and hes gone (fore me).
    It would be nice to hide some chat spam from field of view ore some irritating gamers like that Hitler lover (im looking in your direction Armistice).

    • Mark (Design Jammer, Freejam) says
      19/03/2014, 11:16

      Trying to answer your questions (there are a lot 🙂 )…

      – I will mention that bug to Brian. Hopefully he’ll fix it when he’s finished the Aim Mode feature.
      – Plasma Cannons cause lag due to an error that is written out to a log file 1000’s of times per second. We’ve fixed that issue and the fix will be in the next release.
      – Waiting times have been reducing for battles. We’ve been improving the queue system with each new release.
      – Error 011 problems should be fixed now.
      – We will add an easy way to report players at some point, not sure when.
      – You can already ignore users in the chat, just type /ignore username
      We are also adding a profanity filter – more on that tomorrow – and we’ll be improving the flood filter to reduce spam as well.

      • lwardogl says
        19/03/2014, 12:48

        Us mods can soon sit back and do nothing :3

      • lwardogl says
        19/03/2014, 12:49

        Well other than spammers.

      • 19/03/2014, 23:41

        @Mark: “there are a lot 🙂 ”
        Yeh… sorry for that. When release of new ver. came there popped out so many new issues what lower quality of game play that started irritating me :P.
        So I come here with what was on my mind at the time. Thanks for an answer. I see that you are doing a good job there.

        @lwardogl: ” sit back and do nothing :3 ”
        You wish 🙂 . You can’t fool me. I’m already mod support on some large forum. It will be a lot of work for you :3.

  5. ProtoBot1 says
    18/03/2014, 20:17

    But it wasn’t only T10…

    There were speed hackers on all tiers.

  6. teslobo says
    18/03/2014, 19:55

    Praise lord Ed.

  7. mechashy says
    18/03/2014, 19:33

    I have something that is related (sorta) to this, i’m glad i lost my old account cause i had a bug where i had 99999 tier 5 S turrets that are infinite and i could sell them to get allot of money.

  8. PrimusPalus says
    18/03/2014, 19:33

    I pity the foo’ who tries to hack in this game.

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