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Get BRAWL’n with Micro-Mashings


Last week’s Custom Games Mk1.5 update brought with it lots of new and exciting content, balance changes and improvements. As part of the update we introduced a new BRAWL, Micro-Mashings! This high-octane, wheel-based, 500 CPU or less BRAWL is all about the fast and the furious.

So, party up and take your team into battle in this fast-paced game of Team Deathmatch where only one side will be victorious.


  • Game Mode: Team Deathmatch
  • Map: Helion Crater
  • Permitted movement parts: Wheels only
  • CPU limitations: 500 CPU or less
  • Weapon Energy Amount: All players have 10,000
  • First victory bonus: x2 XP + additional crate