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Game Update – New Feature – Cube Depot – Version 1.74

We’re really excited to bring you the new Cube Depot feature. It’s an in-game virtual shop where you can get new cubes using Robo-Points and Galaxy Cash. At the moment we’ve just started you off with 1000 RP’s and 35 GC’s. The plan is to allow you to earn RP’s for free by destroying other Robots. We’ll be releasing an update with AI bots dropping RP’s before the end of the week but at the moment there is no way to earn new RP’s so spend your 1000 wisely. Might I suggest the “Thruster II” or “Motorized Wheel L3”. There’s a screenshot below. As always all feedback is really appreciated, you’ve been awesome at giving feedback so far.


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  1. spudymark says
    09/06/2013, 12:04

    i wish the wheels ingame cost as much as in the screenshot XD

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