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Galaxy Cash – New Prices, Better Value

Galaxy Cash – New Prices, Better Value

Today’s release includes some new Galaxy Cash prices and a few other tweaks and bug fixes.

You now get more Galaxy Cash for your dollar

The lowest $1.50 price bundle has been removed


The new price points if you pay via PayPal are as follows:

Galaxy CashPrice ($)



  • PayPal and the payment providers you can access via Super Rewards charge minimum transactions fees and take a % share of any transaction you make for Galaxy Cash
  • The transaction fee and % share is larger for smaller transactions
  • The fees are so large for small transactions that in some extreme cases with the $1.50 bundle we only received 10% of the money (once you deduct VAT as well)
  • We only want you to pay for Galaxy Cash so that we can improve Robocraft and make it a better game, so we want to reduce the % that goes to PayPal and Super Rewards
  • So, we removed the lowest price points as these are the ones that have terrible transaction fees
  • So now you know, if you pay any money for Galaxy Cash, Robocraft will get most of it and it will go straight back into improving the game
  • We’ve also improved the amount money you get per dollar slightly at the same time



  • Plasma Cannon blast radius increase by 20% across all cannons
  • Plasma Cannon reload time faster when you more cannons (from 6 to 5 seconds for 6 cannons)
  • Grey \ black screen issue fixed, you now see user and robot names and the environment during the countdown
  • We’ve had to increase the countdown time at the start of battle as some users didn’t make it in on time so the battle had started before they had spawned, or they experienced a crash
  • New cube coming tomorrow – it’s a secret!



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  1. cveepa says
    21/04/2014, 09:26

    It would be better if they changed the prices for RP. it costs 75 rp just to get one light armored cube which i think is a bit overpriced.

  2. Derlex says
    18/04/2014, 09:34

    I want to buy 150,000 $79.95 with my paypal account ‘s $85.89 USD but it always show.

    We’re sorry, but we can’t send your payment right now

    Return to merchant and try a different payment method

    We are not able to process your payment using your PayPal account at this time. Please return to the merchant’s website and try using a different payment method (if available).

    By the way,

    I’m a Taiwanese.

    My English is not very well, how can I buy the GC?

    • 18/04/2014, 22:02

      I cannot reproduce the problem sorry. I just tried with paypal and everything seems all right

  3. CaptainShnizel says
    18/04/2014, 05:39

    vapor rail… D:

  4. Sectapod says
    17/04/2014, 14:01

    its not rail cannon every one mark already said that its not a rail cannon chek page 1 and you see but i hope that its some thing special!

  5. CaptainShnizel says
    17/04/2014, 13:27

    RAIL GUN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. FinalZen says
    17/04/2014, 12:24

    Can you add a date to tell me when these updates were made.

  7. battlefieldaces says
    17/04/2014, 10:56

    The secret cube should railguns(official: rail cannons)

    • Parker237 says
      17/04/2014, 11:06

      they said they have never mentioned it before, so it can’t be

      • T45T13 says
        17/04/2014, 11:48


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