Upcoming Maintenance


Hey there Robocrafters, Please note that we’ll be taking the game offline from 09:00 AM (UTC+1) on Thursday 27th September so we can fix the remaining issues with player display names in Robocraft.


Please note that maintenance is expected to take up to three hours but could go on longer if we hit any issues when deploying the build.

The update will address/fix the following issues:

  • The #suffix has been removed from player names and so player names will become unique once more
  • Signing in with Steam will no longer dynamically change your display name in-game
  • All players whose original Robocraft display name was dynamically changed to their Steam name or SteamUserXX name will have their display name reverted back to their display name. Please note that this does not apply to those that contacted support to request their display name be different from their original Robocraft username; those players will see their new name sans-suffix
  • Players that registered after the new login system update but before this hotfix goes live will be asked to choose a display name when logging in after the hotfix is live
  • After this hotfix is live, all new Steam players will see a dialog box asking them to pick a display name when logging in for the first time.

Known issue: If a player has ticked “remember me” at login since the introduction of the new login system, they will see an error upon logging in and so will need to re-enter their username without the #suffix or registered email address.

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