Emotigrams are coming to Robocraft! Emoti-what?!

Hello Robocrafters! Today we’re revealing a brand new feature to Robocraft. Emotigrams!

What are Emotigrams?!

They are a digital transmission which is conveyed via methods of iconography. When they say “A picture tells a thousand words” we’re pretty sure they were talking specifically about Emotigram technology.

Emotigrams can be used in battle to communicate with fellow teammates and even the enemy. They could be used to show your love of another players robot


Or they can be used to comment on another players shortcomings!


Several of these emotigrams are unlockable via RoboPass Plus and a couple will be available immediately as standard for all players.

How do we use the Emotigrams?

Emotigrams can be selected by clicking your avatar and selecting Emotigrams from the drop down window. This will open the Emotigram window where you’ll be able to select up to six Emotigrams to use in battle.


Once in game hold V and you’ll be bring up the Emotigram wheel. Hovering over one of these and letting go of V will then play that Emotigram.


The thumbs up and thumbs down Emotigrams will be automatically added to the Emotigram wheel of all players in tomorrows build. Other Emotigrams will be unlocked via RoboPass Season 2.

Planned maintenence

At 10:00AM UTC on 28th of March 2019, there will be scheduled maintenance to prepare Robocraft for the incoming update. This will last approximately two hours and a full patch note list will be released once the build has gone live.

RoboPass launches at around 12:00 UTC 28th March 2019!

We are very much looking forward to seeing you create awesome new robots with the new cosmetic items and trying out the new balance changes which we revealed yesterday. You can read more about these balance changes by clicking the link below:

Click to read balance change announcement.

Tomorrow we’ll reveal our last cosmetic item part of RoboPass season 2. We’ll see you then!

Until then; Build, Drive, Fight


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