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You do realize you already made Infinity?

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    I’m not buying this bs about “two seperate games” since you made the f2p (p2w) the beta or test-ground for Intfinity. To be fair, all that you did after the rise of the megabots was taking skill away, not listening to the community, ruin the posibilties for this game. All I see now is gunbeds, drones, blockspam. Back when tiers were a thing, only gunbeds existed, and still we could counter them. Now all weapons are same, skill is not being rewarded and you guys pushing updates without even listening to your community. This feels like console to me. And this feels bad cause Robocraft shouldn’t be just another pice in the trashpile.



    I’m unsure as to why you feel animosity towards Freejam. They have worked long and hard to create a unique game that we enjoy for free.
    Could Infinity become an important focus for Freejam? Sure could. Would F2P Robocraft be left to rot? Sure won’t.
    It has been said that though both games will be independently upgraded and designed, cross pollination will be frequent.

    I’d wager that F2P will be able to grow to better suit the needs of am F2P community, likewise Infinity is like to drift its physics and damage models for the p2p population.
    Really this is a golden opportunity for every played who misses ‘the good old days’. Once Infinity Launches and the player base is split, I imagine those remaining will
    push for changes with little opposition, and when the majority of voices agree, Freejam tends to listen (Example: indestructable Skeleton Idea from a while back)



    If you don’t understand the animosity, you probably haven’t been here long. RoboCraft had possibilities for amazingly unique builds and play styles in the past, starting out as a spectacular “new game on the block”.

    We’ve, since then, seen the balancing (*cough* oversimplification *cough*) of any interesting, mildly exploitable attribute or mechanic. Hence the “all weapons are the same” comment. This gives the average gamer a chance against an intelligent gamer, which is of course part of the mainstream-ization of any game.

    This may be more obvious to early vets like myself, but we were able to do some crazy shit in the ol’ days. The amount of tears I farmed with my creative builds… Nothing like that is possible anymore. And I’m not even talking about driving/shooting skill – I’m talking about tactical skill, building etc. The whole thing.

    Shit got simple. But I ‘member. I ‘member!

    P.S. The removal of tiers seemed great to me at the time, but turned out to be another fluke. Using low-tier blocks to sacrifice attributes in favor of size or CPU usage allowed for the most interesting combinations. A glass cannon, for example. Unfortunately, directly limiting the amount of guns on a vehicle was one of the first, and one of the worst patches, removing a large variety of build options in one fell swoop.

    Anyway, time to log in and check out the latest “balanced” content. Zero expectations.

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    • This reply was modified 10 months ago by  Gessie.

    Developer Jammer

    Captain Pessimism to the rescue! :p

    We’ll be revealing more details about Robocraft Infinity very, very, soon. It should become clear at that point how different the two experiences are.



    i dont think the game is unfair, both skill and good robot design (+good weapons) are the key to victory, although the teams are normally unbalanced. I’ve been playing for more than a year now and i would only change the the way teams are made, its impossible to win 5 x 2000cpu bots if your team isnt made of tanky bots.

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