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[Xbox One] What i want to see

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    I want to see Bug fixes.

    I want to see Server fixes, granted the game is on dedicated servers. If it’s Peer to Peer hosting like in Call of Duty, then i understand why i am getting lag spikes in every single game, especially if EU players are matched with US players, which to be honest and lets face it, has never worked.

    I want to see people who abuse glitches getting banned.

    I want to see weapon balancing.

    I want to see the removal of RnG boxes when leveling up. Honestly, i didn’t buy this game to compete with other players over who’s got the most luck, because that’s what this game is all about right now.

    Level 18. Not a single weapon unlock from level up boxes. Nothing but cube dupes that only return 60 Robits. I didn’t pay my hard earned money for this crap.

    This is worse than Call of Duty and their loot box BS right now and it certainly does not belong in a buy to play game.

    I want to see the removal of the penalty system because it gives people a penalty when they get disconnected. While i agree that people who rage quit should be punished, those who get disconnected because of horrible hosts/servers. Just got disconnected myself and earned myself a 10 minute penalty after getting disconnected in the middle of a shoot-out wit ha message telling me that i’m ‘ruining the fun for others’.

    I really hope FJ reads this forum and takes most of this to heart. I love the concept, but as it is right now, it’s very poorly executed.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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