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Wings? (Bleah!! X-P**0)

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    So I gave the new wings with hover jets a chance because well, we have no fkng choice and here’s my take…

    – New wings/thrusters are dumb. (yup!)

    -You’ve stabilized/limited them but they limit pitch and yaw so much that flips and barrel rolls are gone! Without the ability to flip and roll, it’s very likely to get stuck on a rock or the side wall. (Where I used to flip off it, now I just fk it for awhile and try to go up because well, that’s what these new fkn wings want to do)

    -Diving slows you down. (WTF?!?) My cruising speed on my flyer is around 300. It drops to 200 when I dive!! What have you done to physics? How can we get away from anti air when we dive at a snails pace? I can go up faster than I can go down….really……just think about this.

    To re-iterate, the new wings/thrusters are a bad idea.

    Give us our old wings back!! Give us our old game back!! Stop messing it up more and more!!

    The more you stray from physics and move into the realm of robocraft fizziks, the less appeal this game has.






    To your problem with the wall, you can just fly backwards.

    But with the rest I totally agree. And if you think about a plane that can fly backwards. WTF!! Thats nonsense!
    Also why change the wings to less a effective rotor?? Because it fells really like it, you can hover, fly backwards are slow in descending, cant fly upside down …

    I really miss the old wings.



    Yo…these awesome new wings sometimes bug out upon respawn. I can’t fly down anymore and allz I do is fly upwards towards the limited sky…

    free kill here!

    The coolest thing about this game when it started and what drew me in was the neato physics engine. It was soooo challenging and real! It made people think about their robots, test things like weight distribution. One leg would tip over, and a block with a hele would just spin. The cause/effect of thrusters was much stronger. and the center of rotation could be decided by the user with pilot placement. (Serious Hi5 to the first ninja stars that were there before auto-control came in.)

    These were all great ideas!! Why do you stray from physics and move to the world of fizziks? ( xbox interns?)

    When you dumb it down for the lower denomination, all people think less about creating their robots and get dumber to compensate……not smarter.

    Hi-5 freejam



    Don’t forget to mention how the direction of rotation changes when your stationary because it thinks you’re moving backwards…
    I’m incredibly glad FJ is still listening to us, anyone else would have given up by now.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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