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Will RC:Infinity's controller input scheme have any effect on the Steam title?

Home FORUMS Robocraft Infinity Discussions General Robocraft Infinity Chat Will RC:Infinity's controller input scheme have any effect on the Steam title?

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    Hi. Been a while since I’ve asked anything from RC:Inf. Since RC:Inf will be featured on Windows 10 and Xbox One, it will of course have controller input. However, the standard Robocraft controls screen does enable for joystick/gamepad controls, but the menu is a bit difficult to use especially if the list of buttons is too big to fit. Will RC:Inf append better joystick/gamepad controls that potentially leak over to the original title?

    While joysticks and things of the like aren’t as popular these days, it has been one of my biggest sort of “dreams” to be able to use my Sidewinder II Force-Feedback joystick. I’ve used this thing from the dawn of my experience in PC gaming and I remember every game I played (Especially Battlezone II, some of you may know that title) turned into a complete blast being able to use the joystick because it felt like I was really driving my ship. I imagine some awesome experiences flying planes and driving hovers in Robocraft because with the Force Feedback capability, it’s possible to have the stick fight back. If I lose hoverblades on one side of my craft, my joystick may want to lean towards the disabled side. Or maybe if I am turning a bit too heavy in a plane the joystick will rattle or try to go back upright. It’s so much fun to use it. Unfortunately the use cases are minimal so chances are I won’t be able to see it, but that’s just fine.



    Can you add robocraft infinaty to the ps4

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Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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