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What has this game come to?

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    So I have been gone for quite some time and came back to XBox Robocraft Infinity. What I’ve noticed is this….
    Armor has been removed, boosts have been implemented…
    Building a craft that used to be worth using is no longer viable.
    What I’ve noticed playing this game this past week is that almost all players are using some variation of drone or weapon on legs. Small units with nothing but a weapon and a form of movement. The problem with this is that they have a boost in damage that can shred through any regular build. Yes the build has more health but then they are lacking in the damage necessary to do anything. So instead of keeping the game as it was where it took skill to build a craft, it’s turned into blocks on a stick or weapons on a stick.

    Don’t get me wrong this is not a rant of unfair play, I understand the concept behind it. But my opinion is that it doesn’t work. The old system was much better. Tiered battles and proper building was necessary. Why should your damage be decreased just for building a full bot? Why should you get a boost in your damage for building a drone? I understand you wanting to keep your battles “fair” but in actuality it only benefits the drone builds.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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