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Robocraft Infinity coming early 2018

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    Здравствуйте , у меня не водит в игру . Появляется ошибка (we currentlyin mainteance please check robocraftgame.come for more detais) что делать ?



    Will Robocraft infinity have camera controls?

    It would have to. No keyboard/mouse support (yet) on Xbox.



    Coming from my experience with some software enterprises, no company can and will maintain two versions of the same title.
    The king is dead. Long live the king!

    Remember Loadout?

    Thats gonna happen to RC on PC.


    ≾ Sheepy ≿

    I think a lot of people will be disappointed that it is exclusive to XB1 and Win10.

    I have both and prob not get it for either due to current robocraft



    Is it gonna be pay-as-you go / subscription or just a traditional pay once and the game is yours?


    Well, as long as normal robocraft is playable what is the problem?
    I guess we hammered their brains enough for them to not make the same mistakes twice…

    probably rc infinity will ship with a price, have better physics and a decent custom and league system since the beginning.

    About the windows 10, well, windows 2000 was nice OS back then, then it’s just going all down the slope (please if your operative systems experience just comes from being a gaming fanboy spare the comments), but hey MOAR ram to waste in general = buy MOAR ram = MOAR ram to waste on unity = LESS care on coding and optimization… so whatever, you can calculate the same physics on an eeepc with an old linux but you can’t throw 10M useless particles to the user’s face without losing a bit of frames, that’s true.
    Consider that the windows 10 limit just applies to directx. there is no reason rc infinity shouldn’t really run on other platforms…

    Anyway, good luck with it! just leave a couple of legacy servers for us to keep circling in hello crater!^^



    guys i wold like to know wen ar the developers tinking off fixing the conection lost cause evry single match i 2 or 3 player leave the match and some times its me to and i have steon conection so its not my internet problem its a server problem i have ben in a match that every single player got dc EVERY SINGLE ONE in the last match i played 3 player got dc at least caus i was the last one to get dc e rly like this game but aim startin to get pised and if the developers dont fix this i will leave the game very soon cause aim geting tired of this

Viewing 7 posts - 61 through 67 (of 67 total)

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