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Robocraft Developer Q&A Livestream

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    Here’s another question:

    Why does my video keep getting restricted?

    Is it because of some copyright issue? Is it because I have copy-pasted it too many times?


    How is Kaleigh? That young girl that had DIPG?



    Anyone recorded this stream? I missed it.


    Anyone recorded this stream? I missed it.

    It’s later today, the 12th




    another question for custom games:
    is there any chance that the one started a custom game decides what robots will be in game?

    means: if i start a custom game (lets say one-shot) then i can choose one or more robots (from CRF) that will be in game and no others.
    everytime in the stream when LoN made a custom game one or more players entered with “wrong” robots. any chance this “wrong” decisionmaking is taken out of the participants hands and given to the “game-maker”(the one started that custom game)?

    you know what i mean? its a bit hard to describe…due to lacking english i guess.

    thx for doing this Q&A.


    Developer Jammer

    Thanks for your questions everyone.

    I’m going to lock this thread off now as I need to compile a list of Qs from all those submitted on here, Steam, Reddit and Facebook.

    Got a question still? Join us on the stream and ask it there!


Viewing 6 posts - 31 through 36 (of 36 total)

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