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Robocraft Developer Q&A Livestream

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    Developer Jammer


    Thursday October 12th 4pm – 5pm (UTC+1)

    Got a question you’d like to put to Robocraft’s designer Sergii?

    This Thursday, October 12th from 4pm-5pm we’ll be livestreaming a Q&A over on our Twitch and Facebook channels where Sergii will be answering some of your submitted questions along with a few live ones too.

    Post your questions in the comments below or join us on the livestream over on Twitch or Facebook. Please post one question at a time so we can see them easier.

    We only have an hour so please keep your questions short and to the point. We don’t want to spend time reading out paragraphs of text when we could be answering questions.

    Moderator Jammer

    Chicken legs when?


    Googly eyes still going to happen?



    What are you going to do with it:

    VTOL wings vs classic roll/pitch,100 voices, 10-1 polling results, 400+ votes.

    We are not so “minority” now.

    OR just in short.
    Wanna play a CG against Aces?


    Will wings get an option to remove hand holding?

    Ya know… thee 20+ page thread with 100+ different voices that all hate how wings work now.

    Also when is Mega Nano gonna be a thing :3


    (Someone else will ask about wings , and I assume you guys will nerf mortar, so no question there)
    1. Any plan to reimplement and retweak weight vs movement in the future? Or the schemes we have now (no capacity for most movement) permanent?
    2. As follow up to 1. Any plan to retweak TX armor or offer a good mid weight building alternative? (tx too light and health too heavy).
    3. Follow up to 1 and 2. Would thrusters and sources of thrust from movement sees any tweak in accordance with weight normalization?
    4. Any chance we get any other firing mode than round robin?
    Optional (If you guys feel like you have time):
    5. Any interesting plans/idea for deeper interaction with the tri-boost system? Like modules temporarily give bonus boost, or weapon dealing bonus damage based on enemy boost? (My tesla idea is one,)
    6. And finally, I speak for most of us, that we are sick of big, 100+ cpu weapon already. Can we get some sub-100 cpu weapon again? (Nano beam hit scan weapon with lifesteal wink wink)

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    • This reply was modified 8 months, 2 weeks ago by Khoakuma Khoakuma.

    -Any plans on making low rarity items (not just weapons) more viable? I see no reason, currently, to use un-common mech legs, rare Sprinters, etc.

    -Brawl has been very impopular for literally months. Any idea how to fix this? If not, have you considered replacing Brawl with Elimination? At least 8v8 because 5v5 wouldnt work, and just putting Elimination INSIDE Brawl has proven to not work either



    i only want a unicorn cosmetic mask in robocraft and my life is complete, plz make this happen.



    1. Can we get a weapon that functions similarly to the ‘encased mortar’ at some point i.e close range, AoE weapon?
    2. What is the incentive to use parts like Electroplates anymore now that systems like Health Boost have made them even more redundant?
    3. Any ETA on when we’ll be able to create and play our own custom maps?
    4. Can Nanos get something functional mapped to RMB (such as a low energy restore so you can choose between healing allies, or giving them slightly more energy to fight with which would give Nanos some depth)?
    5. Can we get older versions of maps added into Custom games (back before Beta when they were assymetrical)?


    I’m interested in seeing more team support weapons (More than just healing) – Has a support device dedicated to transferring weapon energy ever been considered? I think that would be an interesting team-support mechanic.



    flamethrower next weapon?? :3


    any chance to get the old radar, jammer, etc back?

    or are these too complicated?

    any chance to get the seat as an optional A.I. core? like a module

    any chance to get full plasma volley back?



    (Doozy of a post, questions bolded)
    The old weapons had unique firing patterns. Can we somehow get those back?
    Plasma fired all at once, SMGs have the current firing pattern and remain unchanged, Rails had long reload times between emptying clips of shots.
    And the new weapons already have somewhat unique firing patterns.
    Chain guns takes a few seconds to spin up. Ion guns fire bursts of little pellets. LOMLs could load similarly to rails, and fire only their loaded salvo at once. PSK… it can keep doing its intermittent burst firing, but it really should be a vampiric weapon in some form. etc.

    Flak stacking damage is unfun on both the attacker and defender. It’s a slight tickle at the start, and mortar-levels of damage 5-6 shots in, which discourages anything outside of tiny unhittable planes and mega unkillable flying fortresses. Can we have perhaps 5-6 times the flak’s current damage, and lose the stacking ability? And stick with 2x, maybe 3x damage to flying bots?



    1:Have a plan to make forgeable Cosmetics when have premium?
    cost is would be (rarity value*CPU*10 robit)
    2:Have a plan new season daily reward system?
    Like DarkOrbit New DLIB
    I am suggested
    cool down is does not change (20 hour) but you can miss some day mean you miss one day does not reset log in count
    log in count is reset on first day of month
    Day 1-5 Bronze Crate 5th day Bronze is 20% chance 1 legendary item slot in non premium slot
    Day 6-10 Silver Crate 10th day Silver is 40% chance 1 legendary item slot in non premium slot
    Day 11-15 Gold Crate 15th day Gold is 60% chance 1 legendary item slot in non premium slot
    Day 16-20 Diamond Crate 20th day Diamond is 80% chance 1 legendary item slot in non premium
    Day 21- Protonium Crate 25th day Protonium is 100% chance 1 legendary item slot in non premium mean 1 legendary guaranteed
    3:Have a plan more small&mega variants? (ex. Rail Stabber,Wing Sparrow(Mk1-2)&Phoenix(MkX-1),Mk1-4&X-1 Nano,MK1-4&X-1 Rotor)
    Please check I am planl
    4:Have a plan to make Rotor HP Buff & HP Boost?



    is a custom lobby planned?

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