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PhotonicFlux – If you are serious about the game, we are the clan for you.

Home FORUMS Roboclans Clan Recruitment PhotonicFlux – If you are serious about the game, we are the clan for you.

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    Here in PhotonicFlux, we quite possibly have no lives outside the game. lol
    Realistically though, all of our members are regularly active and online 5+ days out of every week, for hours and hours on end.
    We are currently sitting at 7 highly skilled, very compettive members. At 6 + Million xp halfway through the season, accomplished by only 7 members, these are hardly stats that can be laughed at. And we are gaining more xp every day. Most 50 member clans have accomplished what we have as well, BUT with nearly 7x the amount of members we have. This is largely due in part to inactive clan members and only a select few.

    This is our call to those players out there, who consider themselves competitive, who see themselves on Victory Road, and want to achieve glory with only the best of the best as their clan mates. We are the clan for those who want to communicate with Mature people, who want to win battle after battle, who want to receive cash prizes for their hard work, who want to look forward to the end of every season knowing theyll get a substantial amount of robits.

    We are the real deal. To all the haters, the stats speak for themselves. Dont like us? We will happily Q sync up with you and show you why we are continually pushing the boundaries of what it means to be a Pro clan.


    We focus on competitive gameplay, as well as having fun too.
    A mic is required to join , as we use Discord in our parties.
    You must be at least level 90 to join. Also you need to be relatively mature, as we have kicked a couple people for acting like 10 year olds.

    Only the best of the best will succeed in this clan, as although we are competitive and do enjoy having fun, we are mostly looking for heavilly organized and skilled players, who understand the value and necessity of well planned teamwork.

    Every new recruit will run 2 matches/trial runs (if you do sub-par but have a strength we our looking for we will run you through Brawl as a last chance)
    1 in tdm, 1 in BA with an officer or the clan leader corresponding to their time zone.

    if officer or leader says you did good, u pass
    must be active 5 out of every 7 days

    An application needs to be filled out and posted
    on this thread. Depending your time zone you will need to contact one of the officers in game, to set up the trial runs. The rest of the officers and/or clan leader may or may not be present for the trial runs.

    Please contact the officer or the clan leader, whoever is closest to your time zone.

    Clan Leader OrionAncient – Central Time Zone/UTC -6:00
    Officer BluePiston – Mountain time Zone/ UTC-7:00
    Officers Draxxy00/mini_pixel – Western European Time Zone/UTC +00:00

    Ingame Name:
    Your Preferred Play-Style:
    Why you want to join:
    Why do you think you will be a good fit:

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    I dont play 5 out of every 7 days but I do play every time I have free time which is regularly

    Why you want to join:I am tired of joining clans that become inactive or clans that eventually collapses
    Why do you think you will be a good fit: I played this game for a pretty long time(bout 2.5 years since I started playing) and I am still hooked to it.For that time I’ve built efficient and effective bots that specialize in current metas.I want to do my best to contribute to this clan for the benefit of all of its members.



    I will contact you online later this evening in roughly 7 hours from the time of this posting.



    Kinda busy this day though but I am online from 10 pm-10 am cst.I’ll try to check every time to see if I can find you.At the time of this posting(1:00pm),I checked but youre off.Just reply whenever we could start and I’ll try to meet that time.

    Edit:Oh yeah I forgot
    My timezone:GMT+8.I also always login once a day,gotta get dem crates



    I’ll join. lv. 113


    Anything Multiplayer, but varies from bot to bot. Usually SMG/Rail combo, but sometimes LOML or tesla as well. Most movement types.
    Want to join because want a Robocraft community, get to know some players better, and get robits
    I always play to win. I’m generally top 3 in a win or top 2 in a loss. I’m a diverse player

    Unfortunately, I’m getting a bug that disconnects me mid-battle for no reason. Also, I play when I have time, like Diamond_Rain12, but I try to at least log on once a day.
    Mountain Time Zone UTC-7:00



    I will contact both diamond rain 12 and sexy piggies soon. I checked for diamond last night and didn’t see you. I’ve put the word out to my officers to check to see if your online anytime we get on, and I’ll do the same for you sexypiggies. I will be online today roughly 10 hours from the time of this posting. So about 4ish pm central time. I have an officer BluePiston who is in Mountain time and if I can’t get you sexy piggies I’ll get him to contact you. Would love to have both of you guys join as we are growing quickly now and would love to get more people onboard.



    deleted b/c no response

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    zibbazoobee, I apologise but some events have come up and have slowed our recruitment stages, If you would still like to join please friend or message BluePiston in game



    Hi guys – how is your clan going? I am the leader of another competitive clan – we got 40million TXP for the season that just finished but we still have some members that aren’t contributing much. Here are some stats (note I only show the SXP’s of members who are in our facebook group is where we discuss tactics and set event times): https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1feP3yz1RmTar_GUX5f3VJJNXX_mkK61o0zDjIcAcRy0/edit#gid=860282211

    Here is one document of stats regarding tactics we’ve tried to get an idea of what differentiates us from other clans: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1PgsCo5u6r0UFhS-d2IQU8P8WYW1ikxzcSTM3OzyvAFY/edit#gid=0

    I also personally review bots so that we always have the most competitive builds: https://robocraftgame.com/forums/topic/i-will-buy-your-bots/

    If you are interested in making a deal and combining your clan with ours, let me know.



    Idk what happened to photonic flux after I left,I got removed from the discord chat.BluePiston ya still there?



    Idk what happened to photonic flux after I left,I got removed from the discord chat.BluePiston ya still there?

    I see. Well; if you’re still searching, or unhappy with where you are. You can join WMNG – you can see a few of the things we do in the post I made above



    Ingame Name: KawaiiDingus
    Your Preferred Play-Style: I usually like to play around with lasers and railguns. I don’t really have a preferred movement type.
    Why you want to join: I have recently come back from taking a break from robocraft, which left me clanless. Because of this, I am in need of a good, active clan.
    Why do you think you will be a good fit: I play almost 7 times a week and am very active.



    IGN: RealSectraGaming (lvl 96 as of 17/06/2017) (Main)
    IGN: Covenant316 (lvl 110) ( Old)

    Play Style: Competitive

    why I think I am fit/Why I want to join : I love robocraft and had started a clan but nobody is active, i have been looking for a clan I tried Atlas Core and i didn’t meet requirement, I tried WMNG got in for about a week but had low SXP because i didn’t play often and would like to try out for this clan. I have about 4 years experience with the game but listed my old and main.I love league arena I have 1297 MMR (gold league), and have been in diamond league before. I play competitive and have great strategies for the game and deal a lot of damage per round (most of the time the best) I love Robocraft and would love be in this clan!

    Time Zone: UTC-06:00

    Email: covenanthightech@gmail.com (don’t spam)

    Thank You!

    Sincerely: SectraGaming

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