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No More Crates – Community Feedback.

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    So, when is the change going to occur? When will crates be removed from robocraft? I’m dying to see it!



    It took a while but a right decision was made. When those crates came, i just didn’t play RC so much anymore. I couldn’t build any new bot without having to do hundreds of mouse clicks for recycling and forging. Anyway, the change back looks good but…. you want to make money and i want to buy fun stuff so not being able to buy parts is still not good. I’m a vet, i have plenty of parts, but since i don’t have much free time to play games i prefer if things can also be bought and enjoyed immediately. I know some may say you need to earn it the hard way, but it’s a game, it should be entertaining to as many as possible in their own kind of way. Talking about new fun stuff – please keep developing that (etc. grapple hook, punching force field, mines, decoys, guided missiles, artillery, body joints).



    I think you guys should keep the crates because I think it makes it easier to understand and if there are parts you don’t want you just recycle them and get more points but if you guys to revert at least go back to the original robocraft where you had to buy parts off an easy to view screen instead of doing this headache inducing hexagram bee hive format that would be awesome, I got confused when you came out with that format along with stupidly over powered guns which I’m glad to see you nerfed but at least go back to the different colored denominational strength armor.



    I do hope these quests can be completed with vs AI I don’t fight much against real poeple.



    Okay, finally an update what sounds reasonable after a long time.

    (If the regulations wouldn’t ban the use of random crates in some regions probably they wouldn’t do anything with it as well, but now they need to… so they listen to the feedback from people suddenly. =D)

    I’m going to give it a go again, after 2 years now. Maybe they can restore this game to the potential it had in the beginning, and so my trust in the devs.

    Let’s see… =) *being positive here*


    So are Premium users getting shafted with this new update?
    We have all the stuff so we can’t progress or get any more gear….soooooo How do we get cosmetics now? OR ANYTHING for that matter?

    Someone please explain the “fine print” to me.



    Just one feedback from tomb (ancient player, stopped playing…)

    Great thing you went back from crates. I stopped playing RC because of it. Because game rewards were (almost) not linked to in-game performance as before. RC was a game I really enjoyed in the past. Maybe some little balance problems…

    But now, I read that you are going to remove these fucking crates… And even allow to swap robot in-game… So, even if some weapons may still be OP (or UP), we can still do something to balance the match.

    Great job. I’m waiting for you to remove crates as game rewards, then i’ll be back !



    Glad to see, from the crushing foot image, that FJ are Monty Python fans!



    Robocraft forum post

    I have played since the full release, and have 160 hours in game on steam, about 70 hours off steam. These are ideas that I have been stewing on for a while, so they are not just random thoughts.

    I am not in favor of infinite block usage. I understand that it is easier for the devs to have fewer versions to maintain, but I think the infinite block usage will make robits basically null for people that don’t use cosmetics (such as myself).

    I think the idea of a tech tree and tech upgrade points is a great system that should help beginners from using legendary weapons as a crutch for lack of skill. Move forward with this, not the infinite cube usage system.

    I would also suggest that weapon types should factor into matchmaking. Any given epic or legendary weapon should only appear on a maximum of two bots for each team. Many times now, I have gone into battle arena with an entire team of Teslas and/or ions only to be matched against a team of flyers and/or snipers.

    I know it may seem outspoken, but I am perfectly okay with the boost system. I think that glass cannons are not really op, but the boosts serve as a good balance for small cpu bots.

    Final thought, please make megabots usable in normal game modes again!!! They are so fun, and incredibly under appreciated.



    I know it may seem outspoken, but I am perfectly okay with the boost system. I think that glass cannons are not really op, but the boosts serve as a good balance for small cpu bots.

    I have to admit that from every perspective that I am trying to see this… I think that the Weapon Energy curve (less cpu = more weapon energy a.k.a ammunition) was way more balanced.

    It was a kind of boost system but more balanced. The overclocking mechanics had speed boosts too. Some considered them too OP, but in general it was WAY more balanced than everything after the BETA (BA2.0) was introduced, including boosts.



    Well, i heard all boost are gonna get removed, why not keep damage boost? That way all good bots are not going to be pure 2000cpu.



    Well, i heard all boost are gonna get removed, why not keep damage boost? That way all good bots are not going to be pure 2000cpu.

    Because damage boost is the wrong solution. weapons like ions are getting super buffed by it (while already having so much damage). And weapons like plasma do not really benefit from it. Weapon energy buffs would help much better here. You can shoot more before energy runs out, but do the same damage per shot.



    I agree that weapon energy buffs would be awesome. That would slightly curb the glass cannon meta, without making small bots completely obselete.



    Also, PLEASE develop some kind of mine or claymore! That would be a blast (no pun intended)!


    Here’s a few thoughts on your “update”.

    1. FIX plasmas. You broke them, now fix them.

    2. Make the Forward SMG/Lasers immovable (no firing arc) or get rid of them.

    3. Either WEAKEN Proto seekers considerably OR reduce their distance/range.

    4. FIX Flak. You don’t have to go crazy (e.g. no power increase, no damage increase) Just make it so they can hit targets touching the ground.
    Rails do a better job at anti-air (at the moment) in the hands of a skilled player and they can hit ground targets. No other weapon in the game has this idiotic restriction.

    5. LEAVE EVERYTHING ELSE ALONE, unless you can TEST it first, try it out for a few days or a week with a few players and PROVE it is an improvement before you just
    slap us with another pointless “update” that pisses EVERYONE OFF.

    6. Stop messing with aircraft parts unless it BENEFITS actual aircraft (planes, helicopters, etc.) So far all you’ve managed to do is make planes and traditional flight vehicles
    stupidly weak and difficult to use and master and you continue to improve on “DRONES” which are the BANE of Everyone in this game who doesn’t play them.

    7. While we’re on the subject of “Drones”…Why are these still a thing? Really? It seems that your so-called best efforts to curtail these things only results in improvements for the drone community to the discontentment and nerfing of EVERYONE ELSE.

    I’m sure I have much much more, but It is just more thing that your entire player base has BEGGED for before to the consistently deaf ears of the devs.
    In fact, (aside from reports on hacks and “bad” players) the only thing that is consistent about this game over the past few years has been its inconsistency and updates occasionally fix bugs, but mostly downgrade player experience and nerf their bot builds into oblivion and obscurity. Please FIX PLASMAS>

Viewing 15 posts - 211 through 225 (of 227 total)

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