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No More Crates – Community Feedback.

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    “crushing crates” ,love it, good work , nice gif 🙂

    My head exploded from nestalgia….then realized it will be a reality.

    Wow, amazing!!!

    Daily quests!?

    No Boosts!!!

    Gah yesssssss


    regarding daily quests. perhaps the game could track what a person uses a lot/uses little. and can increase the rewads for quests with components they use very little? just my quick two cents.

    not sure how i feel about the “skill tree” as i prefer more active abilities (but not modules, ech) a sort of icon (akin to the one for custom characters in smash 4) would be a nice way of differentiating teammates and foes
    actually, just remove it

    further, i would love the removal of maximum loadout. but that is unlikely to happen

    and is that the cupid’s foot that is crushing the crates?


    Developer Jammer

    Hey guys,
    We want you to use this post as the place to give your feedback on our recent blog post on the removal of crates from Robocraft. If you haven’t read it, please do and leave your feedback below. Please don’t create a separate forum post giving feedback as it may not be seen.

    If you’re leaving feedback, please can we ask that you split feedback into any of the following categories to make it easier to digest.


    • Robit Rewards
    • Daily Quests
    • Tech Tree
    • Tiers Coming Back
    • Game Modes
    • Removing Boosts
    • Removing Purchasable Protonium Crates
    • Skills

    Also, while we love the fact that you’re so passionate about the game and have lots of very valid feedback, please keep it short and to the point.

    Thanks for your continued support and dedication for the game.


    Hmm skill tree, “selectable skill tree”.

    This seems to be from mech warrior online. With the separate ability trees, independent per mech.

    I really appreciate this is implemented as end game, but in my experience-it makes balance a little hectic. I would save skills implementation till after everything is removed, or (disable in all tiers) but allow all them in custom games for testing. Then depending on feedback, enable in startard games

    Love the opt in queue system! I’m assuming in plats, the party host deter the modes you opt into.
    How do you balance people with tech skills and ones without? Is this considered in the queue or at matchmaking ???

    This feature is my only concern.

    Yay no more boosts!!!!!

    Keep doing what you do Mark



    I don’t personally mind people buying stuff with irl cash to speed up progression, as long as you don’t make the progression ridiculously slow without dishing out irl cash.


    Read and liked most of it, but got to the last skill tree part and realised….. Yep i’ll never play the game again if this gets implemented. What a horrible system, did overclocking not teach a lesson?

    – Tiers coming back does not interest at all. In fact it turns me off completely especially the idea of handicapping players again.

    – Skill tree is just another top player abuses everyone else type of thing like how overclocking ruined the game.

    – All game modes mixed into one is a really bad idea, you should already know it’s gonna make people quit a cycle of playing, when a mode they don’t like comes round.

    – Tech tree is another waste of time, progression isn’t about this arbitrary path of wasting time but an improvement of ones ability that requires EFFORT.

    The other changes are acceptable but ultimately the entire update seems like a waste of time to me. I still won’t be coming back. No effort seems like it’s been made to improve balance in this game still. The removal of boosts is the closest you guys get.

    I think these changes will make stupid people hype for a while but lose interest again when they finally play it.



    If Freejam is gonna make our current bots useless again, with the introduction of tiers and removal of boosts, it could be a good opportunity to change the hitbox of thrusters and hover blades. The same hitboxes that RC Infinity would be fine.
    About the other changes, I never complained about crates or the removal of tech tree.
    I don´t like the idea of only getting cosmetics via payment, neither I never liked extra colours only to premium users. It makes the game look ugglier and not attractive to new users that see it in Youtube.
    I think that people should pay only for extra speed progression or get expensive parts in terms of Robits.

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    everything looks great…except for the Forced ranked mode (tier 3)
    as i dont enjoy playing in ranked (and never played ranked) alot and being kinda forced into isnt very nice
    alot of people are gonna be angry if they see there ranks drop for something that they didnt have control off (Troll’s)

    I wanna khow the skills :3



    1. Robit Rewards.

    As a player with mios of robits I do not care about crates at all 🙂 But from new comers perspective removing crates must be good, I suppose.

    2. Daily quests – that is good. And a meaningful daily quests are even better. “5 kills with ions” – that is quite boooring. It would be good to see quests that encourage teamplay (guard a teammate with your body while he is healed? kill the enemy that attack your degunned teamamte? etc). Or following objectives (keep blue midpoint for 5 minutes?). Or something insane but fun (kill a flier while riding cruiser on 300mph etc).

    3. Tech Tree.

    Again, as a player who gone far beyond any tech trees in this game – I am simply not interested in locking/unlocking trees, bushes, algae, or any other vegetables. But I assume the techtree can lure newcomers to spend some more time in the game and to become involved. So that must be good.

    4. Tiers Coming Back. Looks good at a first glance.

    5. Game Modes. Looks promising. Would be good to be able to choose different bots for different queues. And to allow building activities while enqueued (not the bots you chose for a game of cause).

    6. Removing Boosts.


    7. Skills.

    Personally, I see no point in skills. They introduces some hidden, not visible changes. What are the skills of my enemy? How can I recognize them? What is his DPS? How many energy does he have?

    Another issue is that it will not be fair for tier2 players who has no skills yet but face the enemies with some boosts via skills.

    Actually, I prefer to see everything that affects your stats to be available via building – not via some mysterious skills.

    And thank you for this good ideas and new hopes 🙂



    I agree with All_My_Friends_Are_Meme, the skill tree part is quite bad. Also, 3 tiers is kinda underwhelming – I’d love you to go back to the 10-tier system. It used to feel like there was alot of actual progress you’ll have to make before you obtain a certain part. I doubt the feeling of “hard work” will be that significant with only 3 tiers.



    I really enjoyed the changes presented and I’m sure they will bring us back that Robocraft from a few years ago.

    However, I have received from friends and even as Moderator of Robocraft, several requests from the Brazilian Community for the reinsertion of Mega Bots in some game mode, especially in TDM mode.

    I see the reinsertion of the Mega Bots as a powerful contribution in the battles and the effort of the players to create these powerful robots. Moreover, with Mega Bots we would have a greater need to spend on materials, encouraging, in a collateral way, the acquisition of new items in the game.

    Mega Bots could, as before, have a Maximum CPU between 10k and 20k.

    It is the suggestion of the Brazilian Community and our expectation regarding the implementation of the announced changes.



    –Cosmetics and CRF:
    After update some people(mostly new) won’t have cosmetic parts and other people(veterans) still have ton of cosmetics so when they build they, they use a lot of cosmetics. Because of this when u upload bots u need to upload 2 or more versions of same bot so why not make that CRF automatically would have 2 versions: with cosmetics and cosmetic free (if it have c6 parts it will change them to normal part it shouldn’t brake things bcs both of them have(or should have) same hit-boxes).
    –Skill tree things:
    1) League of Legends already removed similar thing because it wasn’t any good. Instead of giving a bunch of small stats it should give few effects that u can’t get from anywhere else like:10-20% capping speed, life steal, faster module recharge times ~10-20%, shield that would absorb a bit of damage before damaging robot that would have ~40-60sec cooldown, etc.
    2) it will be sink only for tech points but not for robits so it would be nice to have robit sink somethere too.
    –Additional point:
    One of the biggest problem in RC that it depends from luck what enemies u will it get: will it be all drones?so you should get flak. will it have few mega rails so you shouldn’t pick skinny bots. This problem can be probably be solved in few different ways but one of them would have boot picking screen before battle where people one after other (alternating teams) would chose their bots.

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    My only thoughts on this are about the boost system. Everything else I’m alright with.
    As for the boosts, i’d say remove all 3 of them completely.
    But, since they seem to want to keep speed boost, it needs to be capped at 100%. 300-500% speed boost is just unnecessary.



    Tech Tree : So we will only gain TP with level up ? Anyway that should be rather easy to change tp cost if some part cost too much / little

    Tiers Coming Back :
    1: I don’t think that you should link cpu to level , that’s another kind of seal clubbing , if you play with a 1000 cpu bot against 750 cpu you will have a big advantage .
    2: Please make a big red warning when someone is more than 50 cpu below the cpu limit of it’s tiers (for new player mostly )
    3: The separation between tiers seems fine
    4: There should be some change about maximum loadout , perhaps an increase in weapon nominal count could be a solution .

    Game Modes: It’s not perfect but good enough with the currently low player base , if it go up again that will allow for more flexibility

    Removing Boosts: Great!

    Removing Purchasable Protonium Crates: Perhaps we could have some kind of “skin gun” so rather than buying individual part people could buy a skin and apply it on weapon when they build their bot .

    Skills : Seems a bit weird , i don’t really understand what you want to achieve .

    Other stuff : seems good


    I agree with All_My_Friends_Are_Meme, the skill tree part is quite bad. Also, 3 tiers is kinda underwhelming – I’d love you to go back to the 10-tier system. It used to feel like there was alot of actual progress you’ll have to make before you obtain a certain part. I doubt the feeling of “hard work” will be that significant with only 3 tiers.

    10 tiers will not work with small player count. Baby steps.

    Tiers should not be confused with a handicap, if you win a lot and score big in early game – You should speed through tiers no problem. Being a new player and struggling to score means you will not gain as much exp or TP, so you will spend more time to learn and gain experience in that tier. Instead of tier rushing and noobs playing with top level players, tier limits this problem.

    How is this a “handicap’, you don’t get boosted for being low skill, you simply place among others that have progressed as much as others.

    Also, look in context of removed boosts!

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