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New Weapon Suggestion – Fixed-Mount Laser Cannon

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    How would you like to see a lot of art bots come to life?

    For those art cannons to actually fire, for dragons to breathe fire, for space ships to have spacey laser cannons, and for Ironman bots to feature ‘arc reactor’ weapons?

    Well – introducing a weapon that allows all of that – the fixed-mount laser cannon.


    This is a Rare Weapon.

    It takes up a 2x2x3 block space and has two connection points on two sides for a total of four.

    Its firing arc is narrow and deep, making it perfect for installing directly into a bot’s architecture.

    This already gives it a niche – but since its fixed-mount, how does one aim the thing?

    When this weapon is selected, the player is presented with two sets of sights, one concerning direction of view, and the other concerning orientation of the weapon. When the weapon sight aligns with a target, it can hit the target.

    There are two ways that this weapons could be implemented:

    Option A: When the player presses the fire button, a steady beam streaks to the weapon orientation target. Damage is constant while contact is made, and the drain is similar to that of the Protoseeker. the damage is more substantial since its ‘not’ a lock-on weapon.

    Option B: When a player wants to use the weapon, pressing the fire button starts charging the cannon (the beam accumulates light as it does so). Drain is occuring – but the player sees this drain in a different colour (like yellow) to indicate how much charge has been accrued. On release, the weapon(s) discharge the full energy in a period of approximately 3 seconds. Meaning that even after releasing the button – one is still ‘aiming’ the cannons. This also allows a more impressive laser cannon particle effect.

    With option A I’d say that damage is on par with lasers.

    With option B I’d say that damage is in excess of chain splitters in full swing.

    Presuming 100% accuracy.


    Weight: 150Kg

    CPU Cost: Circa 100 (depends on how effectively they can aim and deal damage. If easy to aim (unlikely) then maybe fine to done down damage a notch, than to raise the CPU cost.

    It might even be fine to keep damage dealing lower in exchange for a more impressive beam diameter.


    A bonus here is the prospect of launching a line of cosmetic versions that fire different shapes/ natures of beams.

    Does this sound like a unique enough weapon?

    Lets make this happen. ^_^

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    Interesting, its like the old nano beams but fixed in a forward direction.
    Would be best on cam controled relative tilt drones as they can fire any direction.

    Reminds me of the charged blaster cannon from terraria.



    Sound very interesting. I always wanted to see a weapon like this in robocraft, however i don’t think movement in robocraft is precise enough to allow a fixed-mount weapon. Aiming with this weapon would be nigh-impossible without a drone or a very stable copter. It would have to be either top mounted with slow turn speed or front-mounted with a very small turn radius, so your robot still must be facing in that direction. I love the idea though. Something similar BETTER BE implemented into the game.

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    Thank you for the feedback :c)

    I have been thinking about the aiming issue and have come to the conclusion that it would be just a little harder to aim than Plasmas.

    Plasmas have arcs while the sights for laser cannons tilt about on screen based on bot-to-cam orientation. It could even be possible to have the sights be off-screen if sufficiently tilted.

    While reading through your responses I thought up another application for laser cannons. Megaman bots (Now I just need to figure out laser swords – maybe another suggestion)!

    Another thing that I’ve thought about is that this weapons’ sights might actually be best off being in 6 directions so that a player can effectively aim weapons turned in any direction (directions with no active weapons pointed in it are simply marked in red or grey. The sights would be a series of 3-to-5 concentric square corners to help players estimate orientation and final point of impact.

    And since this weapon seems less useful for some kinds of ground bots, include a fixed 45 degree angle-mounted laser cannon

    Which is little different from top and front lasers really, so no problem!

    But this does let players optimize a favourite orientation.


    All they need to do is remove movement from all of those POINTLESS “forward mounted” lasers and remove the rotation arc so we can mount them i tight spaces.


    It would finally give the people what they want while making those dumb “forward mounted” lasers useful.



    That is an interesting point. Thank you for the feedback.

    However laser cannons are intended to work quite differently from lasers, not being meant to ‘pew pew’.

    I agree that the forward mounted lasers are harder to use and that it can be puzzling as to why that is.


    Interesting, its like the old nano beams but fixed in a forward direction. Would be best on cam controled relative tilt drones as they can fire any direction.
    Reminds me of the charged blaster cannon from terraria.

    The LAST thing anyone needs is more “drone friendly” weapons.



    The only weapons that don’t favor drones tend to be heavy and bulky (then again – Protoseekers).

    As such I fail to see your point – especially seeing as how this weapon doesn’t give drones special treatment.

    It is a weapon that has its own unique properties and firing controls. What more could one want? :c)



    It seems to be interesting, I think if such a weapon was in RC, it would be interesting to see it as a charging weapon, that can also shoot streams of small projectiles depending if you’re holding fire or not (it would increase the accuracy and the damages, acting like half a rail, half a smg, but for more CPU).

    Tho it would be a bit hard to handle without cam control if the weapon can’t move, so I would suggest to add a bit of flexibility, maybe as mobile as a mortar, a bit less idk…

    Good idea tho, you should talk about this with devs on their discord ^^



    Thank you kindly for the feedback -Zalera57- ^_^

    Your suggested way for how projectiles would be generated sounds intriguing and easily qualifies as an option C. :c)

    And there are two interpretations that come to mind as to how that would work.

    I personally picture a smaller circular ‘sight’ similar to that of a chaingun.

    When one presses the fire button bulky low energy laser projectiles emerge within that circle – each projectile very long in length such that the overlap gives the illusion of something close to a continuous stream.

    Also as the fire button continues to remain pressed the circle sight broadens – and the spread and bulk and power level of the laser stream intensifies.

    In order to cater for the fixed-mount of the weapon while retaining a degree of flexibility – one could have the weapon beam curve modestly – particularly useful for ground bots – and this could involve an added complexity to the sight of the weapon. Perhaps doubling the movement buttons to control a secondary curve sight.

    Of course – just because teslas are less useful on ground bots doesn’t mean that ground bots need a tesla buff – and so this curvature thing may actually be an unnecessary added level of complexity. Besides – I’d prefer a fixed weapon that has a long range than a tesla.

    Going back to the targeting method mentioned earlier in the post – perhaps the sight could take the form of a larger circle/ sphere that effectively surrounds one’s bot, casting a few strategic sight alignment assists in various directions – only highlighting active ones (so the rear one would not show if there is no rear-mounted weapon – and would otherwise indicate inoperability if shot off.

    I think that like plasmas – with practice one could gain a degree of intuitive accuracy but that it would simply be more difficult to ‘zone out’ on.


    Additionally – Perhaps there is room in the game for multiple types of laser cannons.

    Option A or option C could be termed a ‘Phaser Blaster’ with respect to the steady stream of output. Probably a short-to-medium-range weapon.

    Option B could be termed a ‘Laser Cannon’ as its charge and discharge method most resembles one.

    I can see room for both. Uncommon and Epic Phaser Blaster, and Rare and Legendary Laser Cannons.

    In an artistic sense – Phasers would feature more spread and may work better for breath weapons and the like. Laser cannons suit any cannon art.

    I don’t know if any of the devs would be interested in adding unique weapons to their game at this juncture – but who should I approach? Mark?

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