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Make Robocraft Great Again

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    The new addition of the tech tree and the soon to be added tiers again have one thing in common, they were once in robocraft and are getting added back. OG robocraft was the best version of it. Hopefully, robocraft can make a full circle and we can have the amazing game that we once had. I’m just sayin that it all went wrong when Freejam only thought about if they could rather than if they should.



    This doesn’t seem to be suggesting something as more just commenting. Shouldn’t this be in another forum?



    i think they should add back the old rail hud, and how plasma used to work back in 2015 and they should make Tx cubes work the way they did back in 2015 id love to see that happen!



    The issue is, they’re gunna mess up again with making pc rc infinity. And that’ll be irreversible – everyone will give themselves endless amounts of every part before fj realise their mistake.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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