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Looking for clan

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    My name is Bart I live in Belgium time zone UTC+1.
    I am looking for a active team to join because I like to play in a team.
    I am a adaptive player and I will do everything it takes to take the point and win the game.
    The rank in game is mmr 1600+. I play Robocraft more than once a week



    Hi Bart,

    I’ve started new clan named BlossomedGaming.

    I would be more than glad to have you. Currently in Diamond (servers are offline can’t check exact MMR), pretty active, so we could play together.

    Disclaimer: Don’t have any members yet, since literally, I’ve created it yesterday. Looking for Officers 🙂




    what is the time your mostly online if its match with mi i wanna give it a shot



    Hi there,

    I can offer you a spot in my clan if you have not found one yet, we are using Discord and currently have a couple of players playing Robocraft, we are looking to grow the clan into something bigger and better.




    I’m also searching for a clan, applied to one but no response in over a week… I’m 2000 MMR even though i played only for a week (now on break since i’m tired of playing alone) and searching for people around the same level to play with and learn

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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