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    So i have contacted freejam about this, however i fear my account may be gone, this is making me mad and also very worried as i know freejam might not be able to get my account back, i was planning on getting a press account to do showcases however i might not be able to, so i am just making this thread as a veteran to say this might be my last days on this game, as a gamer and player since this game came out, i have been grinding and grinding. Freejam please do the right thing do not let this game lose its grip for i fear we the gamers and you the developers are soon going to fall, stay sharp my fellow robocrafters, zombie signing out “it was an honor to play your game freejam”

    ( by the way the glitch or bug is a error that happens to me only i guess, but i turned my computer off. And i usually play the game in the morning and afternoon then i do random things like cleaning and cooking, i come back and bam i have a white colored starter bot and i was like “well i will delete this here starter and build a better one.” well i deleted it and it then said the bay was empty, and at first the prism was blue and well after a while turned white but i press right click to delete it, and i watch my cpu go from 0 to 4,000,000,000 now it is higher then that, like around 4,856,943,999 or something along those lines. But i just do not know what to do.)

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    Farewell! But before you go, fight with FJ. It’s your right to get help.



    I am having the same problem.

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    Robocraft is in 1.0 and fully released , you must be imagining things .

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