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GottseiDank, recruitment open

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    Hello im axe2tree (IGN) i been playing robocraft since late 2014 on and off and recently i have been active member of meme-team earning top sxp for at least 3 last months. Looking to switch clan as most of my clan has switched to other games or are inactive.


    Welcome to the clan.



    Hey, I’m also looking to join GottseiDank. My IGN is Languescere. I’ve been playing for a couple years but I’ve only gotten to level 129. Gold 3 MMR right now, and I’ve been playing every other day recently. I fly planes and pilot mechs so far, and I’d like to add to that arsenal. Proper coordination would be a neat bonus,




    hey gottchar, been playing with you today and i would really enjoy to be part of your clan. I only usually play league. i am not the best builder but i use one main bot and it performs very well in battle . i hope i have proved myself worthy to be part of the dankest team ever!



    I play this game since 2014 and I have 2311 mmr(6 stars Diamond).I want to join this clan beause I like Gottchar and I watch his streams almost everyday he is streaming.If i have a chance of joining please tell me.My ing name is baby1998.



    Im Nike0404 and I would like to join your clan. I started playing Robocraft in 2014. I quit Robocraft for a while but am now trying to get back into it. I have no idea what im doing anymore, so I would love some help on whats good and whats not (currently). Im also in the discord.

    Thank you


    Greetings Gottchar

    My ingame name is : Huge_Microwave

    Ive been playing since the megabots first came to be , and realy like to build out of the box stuff and trying alternative ways to gain an advantage in robocraft , usualy with silly and fun builds , my curent mmr rating is 444 since i just recently started playing competitive , Kinda miss the old arena tho -sigh-

    Hope i can join in and play with you guys . if you wish to see some of the builds ive uploadet on the ingame shop ffeel free to do so to see what i mean .

    anyway . Glad to be around and build awesome bots . <(^_^)>/ -still kinda wierd using the auto pilot thing , prety much used on driving bots Manualy – Cheers !!




    I would like to join your clan, played Robocraft for a very long time but took a break for a year or so and recently came back to the game (took some time to get used to the new mechanics). looking to join and active and interesting clan and can help teach me about some of the new features which I don’t understand.

    however I do enjoy the league mode and being playing that mostly.

    would be great if I can join and play with some of you.


    azzi98 (IGN)




    I would like to join your clan, I’ve played along time ago and took a break, but I just got back into Robocraft and I have been having a lot of fun. I wanted to try something new and play with experienced players. I was looking to join a clan to learn and progress forward I play a lot of league it would be great if I could join you. My username is Bohnny and I am currently in gold right now. Grinding my way up

    Thank you



    I used to be in Atlas Core, but I left and joined GottseiDank, and I’m happy for it.




    I’d like to join your clan, I played a long time ago and I paused, but I just came back to Robocraft and had a blast. I wanted to try something new and play with experienced players. It would be cool for us to play together, my name is aspirepg 😀


    Invited apsirepg, Bohnny I am sorry for replying so late, I would invite you but you seem to already have found another clan.



    Are you still looking for members?

    Location: Germany
    MMR: 1919 atm
    Robocraft player since: uhm… very long time… with some timeouts
    Main Bot: Spider (Mortar, SMG, FLS, EMP)
    IGN: Nueffe



    Hello, my name is Mikkel and on the stream is Robay

    I play like 1 hour at a day, and i’m level 97 close to 98. My in game name is MikkoGaming



    If you are still inviting…..

    Hey, I’m Retrocat, and here is my application.

    IGN : Retrocat26

    Location: US west coast

    Age: Private

    MMR: 1616 currently, usually hovering in gold (need reliable plat mates)

    LVL: 172

    Playing: Since FSC, on and off

    Main: No main, but have good amount of sprinters. A couple mechs and cruisers. Thinking about building a hover. My favorite bot to play is my Space Invader copter

    Other Qualifications: Believer in the ostrich.

    • This reply was modified 5 months ago by  Retrocat26. Reason: Forgot IGN. Whoops :P
Viewing 15 posts - 46 through 60 (of 62 total)

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