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    Harbinger of Rain

    I’ve been gone for so long, now finally tiers are coming back, lootboxes are vanishing…

    Robocraft will be great again!!



    are we going to get back free colors with the tiers? i spent alot of time unlocking the colors before the devs decided to charge everyone for something that was free.


    I think if you just look at what works, and adjust RR based on how effective a weapon/movement part is, this system is going to be so fantastic.
    When you see epic lasers ripping it up at their current RR, raise it up, when they seem less effective, lower it down.
    Or just have an algorithm that sets the RR automatically. When a new meta emerges and everyone is playing / doing well with that part, the score will quickly rise.
    Weapons/movement parts that were often being beaten/doing less well, would see a lowering of RR.

    Another way that might work: “Individual build RR”. Like you build a bot and it’s has it’s base RR score,
    but then if you play really well with it, the score goes up for your bot only. If you are terrible with it, the score goes back down to it’s base RR.
    That way bots that use low RR parts, but are really well designed, slowly gain RR over time.
    This would create a constantly shifting meta, and add a ton of build diversity. Good players that want to stay in their teir, have to make new bots.

    A combination of these two ideas would make it so you couldn’t just rebuild your same metabot to reset your score.


    I really like this update overall, but there’s a few suggestions I’d like to make:

    1) 5 teirs might be a bit too much I think 3 would be optimal because it provides a decent variety but doesn’t divide up the players too much. also with 5 teirs the number of viable robots that i’ll save in my garage will probably multiply by 5. I really don’t want to have so many robots at the same time. keeping them all up to date will feel like a chore and i’ll probably limit myself to only playing the highest or lowest tiers only, just to avoid having to make bots for each tier. so there will pretty much be 3 other tiers which i’ll never play.

    2) robot rank is unnecessary imo. the game was quite fun back when we had teirs based on robot cpu only. robot rank adds one extra arbitrary number which we have to account for when building robots. if a weapon is too weak or strong for its cpu, simply nerf or buff the weapon itself.

    4) i highly recommend making all cubes 1cpu instead of having light cubes that are 3cpu. especially when we have Light, Medium and Heavy cubes it doesn’t make sense that one cube type is 3 cpu while the others are 1 cpu. Light Medium and Heavy cubes should all be 1 cpu but have different health values for balance.

    5) having 2 types of cubes (light and heavy) is good enough. although adding a new “medium cube” isn’t a horrible idea, it’s not really necessary either. im mostly worried about what type of textures will exist to distinguish between the three cube types. If we do end up with 3 cube types i would prefer that medium cubes have the original smooth texture while the distinct/fancy textures are added to the heavy and light cubes.

    6) it would be really convenient to have an option which allows us to switch all the cubes on a robot with one click, so we can convert an existing bot from heavy to light cubes without having to rebuild it.


    Can you guys just GET RID of the forward oriented Lasers already?

    I’m sure they served some mundane purpose at one time for about 5 minutes, but now they are just sort of worthless.

    Either make them FIXED with no firing arc and make them actually useful and interesting or just get rid of them already.

    Making the fixed in place allows for more unique and inventive builds…and ENTIRELY new class of bots with cube shrouded weapons.

    Make them slightly cheaper too.

    Keeping them as they are now is just a waste.



    I have a couple really small tiny bots that aren’t meant to be strong, can’t wait to play in the low tiers with my tiny bots.



    The tiers thing really seems like a good idea to me.

    Not necessarily to separate old players from new, but to allow for some more interesting “gamemodes,” if you will.

    At the same time, it will severely help the new player experience.

    I just created a new account. Some of it was to get a steam account for the recent sale, some of it was because I just really wanted a different username, but mostly, it was because I wanted to try out the new (old) tech tree system. (It’s working great, by the way.)

    Still, being a bot with all low-level parts is quite fun in its own right. I found different ways to build and optimize my robot that I had forgotten about. Yet still, there were a lot of bots with Legendary gear that I, as a veteran, was okay at countering, but for a newbie would be devastating.

    I remember my first days with Robocraft, at Tier 1, where everyone had blocky robots with first-level lasers and plasmas.

    It’s not that I don’t like “all the new weapons” or anything like that. For new users, getting to know all the different parts slowly, and having a new learning curve at each tier is a very important part of not having them giving up at the first losing streak.

    (Especially since most of those weapons are pretty far down the tech tree, so they don’t feel like they have a chance to get the same unlock.)

    All this just to say that what you are doing is good, and should be implemented. Maybe a bit pointless, but I wanted to let you know why I thought it was the right idea.

    Well, thank you as always for actually listening to players.



    Can you guys just GET RID of the forward oriented Lasers already?

    Eh, I’ve used them a few times. It helps with aesthetics.

    But yeah, they do need a rework, certainly. Make them have a more limited firing arc in exchange for some increased damage.

    Or just make them cheaper for their difficulty in placing on a bot.

    Right now, they seem more of a holdover from old Robocraft, with a very limited use. Like skis. Or helium.

    (By the way, I’d love if those were turned into viable parts again. Like have helium be able to move above normal plane range or something.)



    I still am not a fan of this. ever since the old tier system was deleted i have lost my interest in the game. this will bring back some interest for my friends and i but i still feel as tho 5 tiers is not enough and it should be back to its original 10 so that all the content still has a meaning. I’m just very glad to see a game that is actually listening to it’s players. <3



    I love the new tier update idea but maybe you could add a 6th tier called TX-1 for the mega bots so they can be used like they were used before.

    Thanks, wolflegendbringer



    Removing boosts – it’s great. I love it. The idea that something has to be little to deal greater damage instead of being dependent only on size of the cannon made me leave the game.

    Tiers, tech tree and no lootboxes – even greater. I really missed old RC.

    Matchmaking – the idea is cool, but I would expand on it a little. It would be great if we could assign preffered game types to each bot and set several bots for a queue. With low playerbase it would give us option to play in one of types we want with the bot we want for it in each of tiers whenever the opportunity was given. That would mean that we wouldn’t end up in low tier with high tier bot and vice versa (because we, and other players, have selected bots for range of tiers), wouldn’t have to wait for games forever and could play with selected bots we want, where we want. That would be great.

    LMH cubes – I’m kind of on the fence with this one. I think that having weight classes for cubes is great, but am very unsure about having them in different tiers, or rather, with light cubes being eventualy more powerful and costly than the medium ones, and medium ones than heavy ones, even more so with parts RR. I believe those should have the same value as far as health/weight ratio goes, same cpu costs and same RR. How about adding LHM cubes for every tier, with higher CPU and RR in higher tiers?

    On another note, please make nanos relevant. There is no need for them to deal damage since we can have more kinds of weapons on bots, but with auto regeneration and close to no healing done by nanos picking the role of medic is never more valuable than going tanky or dps’y. I would be very happy to see auto regeneration removed, maybe added as a separate module, and nanos getting a healthy boost. Moreover I would suggest to put nanos as one of the starter weapons, so newcomers can appreciate the teamwork aspect more.

    I also miss old wings. I loved roaming the earth with spider legs and shields, jumping, turning upside down and transforming thus into bomber. Lots of fun.

    Last thing I would like to mention is my furious hate towards removal of seats and giving bots health. While I can understand why health plays important role right now, many complex, crafty and once useful builds are trumped by huge stacks of cubes on tracks. Seats were clunky and thier going down with single shot might be a miss, but building a bots designed to protect them was more fun than it’s right now. I would suggest something akin to energy cores cubes that would be indestructible by themself, but would recieve heavily increased damage to bot when hit. That way stacking armor for health would still work, but once its connection to the energy core is severed, it would be destroyed. Players would have to think both about how to protect the cores, and about maintaining the general health of the bot. We can even scratch that destroying bot with the energy core, it could also just disable the bot and leave it for enemies to kill or medic to repair the core. I would be thrilled to once again see clever builds with escape pods, precise armor migration and stuff and builds with construction flaws allowing for getting the seat/core easily and needing more engineering instead of either huge cubes with enough health to withstand direct meteor hit, or glass cannons and drones.



    The new tier for Megabots, “TM”? Imagine, a Megabot with 2001 CPU… made out of T1 modules only…
    Well, yes, I know, there’s RR balance will be between each Tier, but still, that bot will not be a Mega, with RR probably less than T3 robot!

    Why isn’t there some kind of a specific subtier, like T2-M, T3-M, T4-M, T5-M, so there will be Tiers between Megas too? Like, for example, in each team in Tier 3 there are 1-3 Megas (also platoon megabot limit is 3) and everyone else is a normal T3 robot? And so making for those Tier-megas a new rule, where T2-M must have AT LEAST x2 RR as T2 limit, otherwise it’s not a working robot, T3-M has at least x2 RR of what T3 limit has, T4-M = x2 T4, T5-M = x2 T5, and for example, if that Mega has more than x4 RR than T5, then MAAYBEE it’s worth making that “TM”-kind-of tier, just coz these T5-M Megas would be too OP, so they’ll only have to fight against each other in some 5vs5 battles. (In case if TierCrossing for some reason was cancelled… And it was.)

    And also, another cool feature in case if every CPU limit grows up with Tiers (T1 = 600 CPU, T2 = 800CPU, T3 = 1200 CPU, T4 = 1600 CPU, T5 = 2000 CPU, an awesome stimulation to play more), then Megas should grow too: T2-M = 3500 CPU limit (if exceeded then +1 tier, if not enough RR then “not a working robot”), T3-M = 5500 CPU, T4-M = 7500 CPU, T5-M+ = 10000 CPU. With that we’ll get a better perfomance at low-tiers for new players, And maybe increased team sizes, like 12vs12, if RoboServers could… Not even the T4-M—T5-M+ megas are a pain for servers, coz all the weaponry CPU would be rebalanced like so for example T5 Laser would have 80 CPU instead of 26! We ‘all’ know that Megamodules cost so much CPU not only to make them ultrapowerful but also making it slightly easier for servers to process.

    And here is another rule: It is only possible to make Megabots if you’ve earned Bronze in T5. Worth it. 😀

    P.S. Why lowtier CPU is so small you may ask? It is definitely easier to build a tier-effective bot out of ~150 cubes (in case if Medium Cubes worth 2CPU just as ~everyone~ wanted, so that Heavy worth 1CPU and Light worth 3CPU for light robots being small and heavy being big, so genius!) rather than ~500+ for a new player.

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    When will the chat finally be clickable?
    I have enough command line and at work =(



    Okey now that i know that this is a place that the developers will hear me sing, ill shout here
    What the fuck are you doing with your game?!!!
    We had the first Robocraft i ever saw, it was simple, it had a system, you had to shoot at the pilot and kill it, it was good, you had to use your mind along with your fingers, you had robots that had the best armors against robots that had the best guns, people could be more creative that way, all of that removed, now we have to shoot blindly at robots, now robots are measured by their CPU costs not the tier of their weapons, and now you say you wanna take that back in? Make a desition!, you are trying to fix over and over a game that is not broken.
    Now everyone has the same level of armor?, why?, people cant put as much cristal blocks as they want now?, we want to make a cockpit it is our desition even if it means a weak spot, but it is our desition, i dont even have the slightest clue of how to get cosmetic CPU, wich was a good idea until you limited it, like you did with the energy of the weapons, before, the more weapons, the less energy we had, that was a good system, made you calculate, compensate, make a strategy, that didnt lasted long, now the ones that have the more guns can shoot as much as one who has all his energy oriented to a few guns, wanna know something you SHOULD fix? weapon damage, because a guy with enough wasp laser can take down a guy with laser disintegrators any day of the week, and talk about guns? why is no one fixing that? why did you removed boxes wich gave everyone equal chance at rare and expensive resources with enough efforts?, why are you putting back the things you removed before? WHY?
    You had ver good guns and movements ideas, like the LOML, the proto seeker, the chain machine gun, all of that until the mortar update, will you fix the damm plasmas already? Why with 2 plasmas, i have to wait for them to shoot while with 4, it shoots so fast that my energy runs out or runs out? Why is no one fixing that? making it leveraged?
    Then came the Mortar, draws too much CPU and doesnt even has an epic version? why? it is a good weapon but i cannot use it if everywhere i use it makes my robot skyrocket to Megabot, so why are you remaking the game system over and over like a loop and keep those problems? did no one told you of them? what are you doing with your game guys?…. seriously.

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