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burntcustards feedback after an evening of playing and watching streams

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    Hi all! I played a few hours of Robocraft Royale tonight, I’m guessing about 20 games, and watched Gottchar playing on his stream for a few hours too. Unfortunately I didn’t win any, but got into the top 10 a few times.

    As a bit of a preface, I’ve played over a thousand hours of Robocraft, but more-or-less stopped about 2 years ago when changes broke the majority of my 50 bots, I wasn’t a fan of some of the gameplay changes (e.g. rails becoming projectile), Overwatch was released, and I had to spend more time on work and university. I’ve also played quite a bit of Fortnite’s battle royale mode, was a fan of various battle royale Minecraft modes, and have watched PUBG streams but haven’t played it myself.

    Overall, Robocraft Royale was fun and I’d like to see it fleshed out. Despite a few weird disconnects and bugs, I think the test has been going really well! Here’s some more detailed feedback catagorised as well as I can manage (I might reformat or reword some things after posting depending on what this looks like):

    Starter bot
    I love the starter bot. It’s a good size, it’s fun to drive around at high speed, and it’s single weapon is just about enough. Despite that, I think alternate starter bots would really add to the early game. For example a small hover starter, a version of the car with a pair of small(er) SMGs and 6 smaller wheels, or a tiny tank (all of those having SMGs is probably a good idea). I think the “escape” time from the larger robots to the starter bot should be reduced from ~5 seconds to 2 or 3 seconds, allowing more of a chance to escape-pod out of planes, or get away while being chased on the ground. Having the starter bot auto-repair after 10-15 seconds would really help too (FatDigester hinted that this is already planned in Gottchars stream!). Here’s a picture of me stuck on a beach for 10 minutes because I kept flipping…

    Art bots

    Some of the artbots are both hilarious, and relatively functional, like the flying pig, and the osterich, the eggplant, and the shotgun-shark. Other artbots like the pictured monster truck, the green “armoured trucks” (there’s one with the LOML and one with SMGs I think?) and the yellow JCB thing are beefy enough to just about work (although I’m not a massive fan of that shotgun placement in the picture).

    However… most of the art bots are awful. This Spyro-bot topples over if you look at it funny and is generally incredibly painful to use. Some of the art bots like the F1 car perform pretty badly but in my opinion just about get away with it because they look so cool.

    Functional-ish bots

    This bot both performs badly and looks like someone vomited through their nose onto a set of tank tracks.

    Some of the bots, like this pair, are WAY better than most of the artbots. Although both of these look like they’re missing a mega weapon that should be stuck to the top of them.

    Other bot-related notes
    I was disappointed in general by the lack of functional bots, with most of the robots being about 90% “looks”, 5% functionality, and 5% floppyness. The single-gun-fire-rate was also weird, and I imagine discouraged cool (in my opinion) robot choices like cheese-wedge-hovers that look like hedgehogs because they’re covered in so many SMGs. Time To Kill (TTK) was frustratingly low, which I imagine was due to a combination of the arty-made-of-paper-ness, high single gun fire rate, and lack of any sort of healing. I really think Robocraft Royale could do with a much higher TTK, and most of the robots being mostly functional, with a focus on being nice to pilot without falling over or wiggling around. That reminds me, the insect legs are still handling freaking weirdly, I imagine the legs-in-odd-places causing insect legged robots to glitch and continue walking without input is still in Robocraft, argh. Functional robots that are nice to handle can still look really nice as well. I’m sure a thread on these forums where people could suggest nice bots would work really well for picking those.

    General gameplay feedback
    Low risk strategies are currently the best strategies. Weapon energy and health pickups would (/will when they get implemented) help encourage riskier strategies.

    The current camera control is aweeeeful. FatDigester said free look is coming soon, so that’s good, but honestly I think it should be default.

    If you get out of your bot while it’s alignment rectifying, you can get them stuck quite high up in the air…

    UI feedback

    As shown, the white arrow on the map is almost indistinguishable from the white buildings. It should probably also rotate with the camera? There were loads of people on Discord (including myself) forgetting to press the play button at the top of the current main menu – I understand that this is probably a placeholder, but it might be worth noting that the queueing button was already confusing people lol.

    Tree shenanigans
    Some of the trees (maybe just one model?) didn’t seem to have any hitbox, others only “hit” my robot when they were like 100% right in the middle of it…

    Map issues

    Some places look like they’re accessible, but they’re too high and you just headbutt them.

    Some ramps don’t quite connect with the ground.

    Floating terrain pieces.

    If you’re in a small robot you can hide in between crates and walls. Having some hiding spots is probably okay, but it seemed strange as they were so rare. And in this one you can see through the wall… (enemies through the wall are invisible, but their projectiles are visible).

    A random gameplay idea stolen from Gottchar: Evolutions
    Different “tiers” or “levels” of robots. Think Pokemon evolutions, where you find a small robot, then upgrade it to similar looking, similar handling (same movement parts and weapons but higher teir and/or more of them) versions as the game progresses. This could either by done by finding specific upgrade pickups, by finding the same robot for a second time (usually that’s disappointing, but with upgrades it would be nice to find), or it could be done by awarding the upgraded / higher level versions by getting lots of kills.

    Rewards for playing and/or monetisation
    I wasn’t a big fan of lootboxes in Robocraft, but I understand why they were added, and I didn’t hate them (that might have had something to do with already being rich in game). I honestly think that lootboxes could fit really well into Robocraft Royale. With rewards being things like different starter bots, different coloured projectiles for your weapons, or even custom themes for bots you get into, like one that changes the colour of bots, or even a “halloween” option that automatically replaces bits on bots you get into with their spooky counterparts.

    And finally, the errors I got today:

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    Images brokennnn



    Images brokennnn

    Sigh. I tried a bunch of ways and couldn’t get them working… Here’s a link to the imgur gallery until someone can figure out what’s up with the images on this forum: https://imgur.com/a/FNtjE


    Developer Jammer

    Thanks for the feedback, some interesting ideas in there. Don’t worry the pictures didn’t work, we got the idea 🙂


    Here’s a picture of me stuck on a beach for 10 minutes because I kept flipping…

    Did a 4 wheeled buggy come along and kill you with smgs at some point?


    Long time no see custard! An interesting post since I didn’t play Robocraft royale, and to be honest I haven’t played any other battle royale games since they hit mainstream. Curious to see the new path they’re taking but I don’t think it’s a bad idea exactly.

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