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Avestron's Suggestions for Robocraft Royale

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    I’ll admit. I’ve only played Royale the one time. At a very low framerate, I kind of didn’t give it a second try until things get optimised.

    However between that brief playthrough and the youtube videos I’ve watched, (and the couple of competition bots I submitted) I have a fairly good idea of whats going on… and I have a small suggested tweak to make.

    Actually its a major set of changes… and I’ll be outlining them for your consideration.

    It is my opinion that if the following changes are made – then Robocraft Royale will gain more interest on the whole.


    Lets begin with the doozie.

    1 – Bots found on the field are usually ‘not’ complete.

    What this means is that a bot that is supposed to have, say, 4 rail guns, 2 Ion Distorters, A cloak module, thrusters, large electroplates and rare tracks are rarely going to be found in that condition.

    What will more often be the case is that ‘a few’ of those things will be present in the initial bot – and other stuff will need to be found on the field with which the bot is then upgraded or adapted.

    What this will entail is a full revisit of all the bots in the game, assigning ‘slots’ for each thing fitted into it with a max for each slot.

    While each battle is being generated the system is also randomly assigning the slots status of each bot. So even if two or more of the same bot exist on the same game – its unlikely that they are kitted out the same way. I’d recommend a randomized points-filling system to ensure that different mechs are worse or better kitted from the start on the basis of bot CPU (This is an opportunity to give weaker bots a small discovery boost compared to their bigger cousins).


    2 – Cray as initial (and fallback) Bot!

    Cray is a single entity – human-like, cannot be shot apart but can be destroyed. It carries a single basic weapon (laser, plasma, rail).

    Most importantly, Cray CAN BE PERSONALIZED (beyond colours). Mainly cosmetics but also in terms of initial loadout. Its where players can plan ahead.

    Choose your Cray weapon, another SLOT can be used for electroplate armour (damage reduction), jetpack, rocketskates, etc. Slot(s) for cosmetics. Some are unlocked.

    BOOM! You spark interest in players. Its not just playing stuff that other people have created.

    The Cray mechanic can be taken further. Being a sentient robot that can manifest itself into bots, so too can Cray emerge from a destroyed or otherwise disabled bot to seek out other bots. Cray being forcibly ejected from a destroyed bot takes damage, and if destroyed is vaporised.


    3 – Weapons, boosters, etc. can be found in the field – along with upgrade packages, temporary boosts, etc.

    Its a war zone. Improvisation is the name of the game.

    Also – Ironman 3…. one-time-use Arc beam.

    Powerups that can be used on a time-limited basis (like an anti-tank Bazooka) help to mix things up.

    A player has a number of slot points of stuff that they can hold, and some things (like energy) stack within the same slot while others, like thrusters do not.

    Some bots tend to have bonus carry slots available to them based on how much CPU the bot has, and how many weapon slots are allocated (simpler bots have a small bonus either way)


    4 – Bots can be refitted with weapon conversions

    Meaning that a rail can become a laser or vice versa – provided that the firing arc allows it.

    Such costs special and rare ‘re-engineering packs’ – and these packs can be upgraded to super re-engineering packs – allowing a conversion of lasers to Protos, or something.

    Bots can also simply have their Wasps upgraded to Blasters – in the same manner. This is a nanoscopic conversion (like repairs).


    5 – Fast-to-access, assess and use menu at the click of a button.

    While pressing a button, a menu overlays, displaying all the slots, sorted accordingly that can be utilized. Some slots can be combined or can interact with each other – such as upgrade packs and some other items. When selecting a part to install, the game provides a list of slots that can be filled with that item along with a quick means to cancel.

    This is essential for in-game modifications of bots – and modifications do take time and entail risks.

    Some modifications – like sticking a booster in a vacant spot, is simple. And extracting the old booster from such a slot is not assured but is possible.


    How are these suggested modifications sounding so far? Do you see the potential?


    Developer Jammer

    Hi there, thanks for your feedback.

    These are all good ideas, many of which we have already discussed in house.
    We are currently working to bring building more directly in line with original Robocraft.
    We’ll announce our integration plans most likely towards the end of this week.
    So stay tuned and we’ll keep this kind of ideas in mind 🙂



    Thank you for the response and feedback Sheep_wielder. :c)

    That sounds very promising and I look forward to seeing what you guys come up with in the next chapter. ^_^

    Of course, if you guys get stuck on some aspect or need a bit of balancing feedback – I’d be happy to assist in my small way.


    Developer Jammer

    Thanks, our development is community led so we always welcome thoughts and feedback.
    Looking forward to showing you what we come up with 🙂

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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