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All those hours of gameplay for???

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    I reached level 115, I have many expensive items which was very hard to get. And now I am going to begin everything over again? Or those items will be already unlocked for me in the tech tree? if no, I quit robocraft



    As they already said, everything you already have/unlocked, WILL be unlocked. So you don’t need to restart again.



    But what about all the stuff, we bought? I have close to 1.000 hours on Robocraft over the past years. And over and over again they keep ruining parts of the game.



    I spent so much money on grinding specific parts and now they are removing the hard work with Robocraft infinity. This is a step in the wrong direction. But I don’t mind the colors. All my robits were spent on duplicate pieces but now they are useless cause we have infinite. We can buy cosmetics but we can only put a limited amount on our bots. So what is the point? As soon as you have a certain amount of every cosmetic, robits are useless.



    I give a **** about those colors! The game was once about getting to a certain tech level, collecting resources and the building a well designed robot for battle. Now they make up for one mistake and give us back the tech while making the next mistake by taking the resource-system away.

    Building a robot has not needed the least bit of thought for a while now. And soon you do not even need to manage your resources anymore. This is about to be a primitive mobile game.


    Harbinger of Rain

    I was stoked to hear about crate removal and readding of tech tree and tiers, it’s an awesome move.
    But now briefly hearing about infinite resources… it’s dissapinting to say the least, when we build a second robot and need some more resources, that was a goal, and removing goals removes reasons to keep playing.

    I really wish for robocraft to get as good as it was back then again.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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