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a little rant… (18+ warning)

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    this might sound a little extreme, but iv’e had it with freejam. okay, i get on the server, wait an eternity for a match, and then it throws a crapton of bullchair at me and gives me less than 150 robits each time, and i am trying to save up for a new hover design i’m going to make, and it decides to screw me over with it’s tabley matching system, which i think just gets reclinerier each coming day. sofa this. in conclusion, i will leave if this doesen’t get any less desky. and i know a lot of other people think this exact way, so do something, freejam. people will slip away as soon as they will splip in. toxicity is not easily fixable, but an algorithm is.

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    Putting a warning on your post doesn’t give you permission to break rules. I’m replacing your profanity with furniture.

    Complicated algorithms are not easily fixable – it’s almost as difficult as social engineering. If you point out where the algorithm is doing stuff badly, it makes it easier for the devs to fix it. Blanket statements don’t have nearly as much effect.



    I’m replacing your profanity with furniture.

    Well played.



    that’s nice.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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