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    What would you say, if at the end of the 3rd update phase of this game, we receive a gift,
    celebration on return to TECH TREE mode, after a long period of time?

    Such as a general code for 1 DAY PREMIUM?


    A code to give us an anniversary gift?

    Thank you!

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    dude please stop, if you want premium buy it


    A day of premium is literally a dollar…



    Instead of asking for free premium, you should support the development of RC. It’s only >£1 / $1.19 / €1
    The money you pay for premium, will help Fj develop the game. For example, more people can be hired, which means quicker updates.


    Yes, they give Us a gift after all their hard work…

    It’s like asking Blender 3D devs to also send us cake after they release their new realtime rendering environment.

    Stop being cheap and support devs. I’ll be buying CC after the end of phase 3



    FHjhracing is right, just buy premium, I bought it a long time ago and despite the game’s shortcomings it was worth it, you gotta support the game somehow.



    i hate those freemium people



    Please stop this kind of requests. It never worked to just ask for free premium days. We only got them if FJ wanted to promote big milestone updates or wanted to excuse / compensate for unpredicted server downtimes.

    A free premium day won’t hurt your wallet, no matter in which country of the planet you live. If you can afford to play RC on PC, you can afford the one dollar / euro / pound / bottlecap.

    @all the others:

    I bought premium4life when BA1.0 was the dominant game mode. Because I enjoyed it and wanted to support FJ for their good work so far. For a game that I loved the way it was. I did not play before BA1.0 and did not witness the old megabot era.

    Then they changed to BA2.0 and I felt betrayed. I was aware that the game is in alpha / early access but I could not imagine this game to change that extremely. The problem is that such a giant part of games gets published in “early access” state, that it feels like many devs use it as excuse to change the whole game and stomp down your complains with a

    “its early access and we can do what we want. Oh and by the way thank you for your money *gnihihi* and now screw you.”

    From alpha to BETA only the colors and shapes of all robot parts stayed the same. Everything else was changed. EVERYTHING:

    Maps, modes, towers/points, reactor, fusion shield, weapon stats, movement stats, weapon energy to boosts, removal of tactical information warfare (radar/jammers) even some movement mechanics (wings).

    And no matter what they say, it was a reinvention of a whole new game that had nothing in common with the old one except the few colors / shapes mentioned above. And I still feel very sad in my heart about it.

    It is only a game and I should move on. But I have nothing else that is remotely like the old BA. I have nowhere to go, so I spend all the hours that I spent ingame in the forums or browsing the CRF. And I stay here because I KNOW how great RC was before the beta and have not lost the hope yet that Mark or the whole FJ team will give this back to us. I would be fine if it was only implemented as 10v10 in custom games. I would find people to play it.

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)

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