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Feedback on Tiers


Dear Robocraft Community,
In our last blog post on Boosts we proposed a few things that we planned to do as part of our overall ‘Loot Crate Removal’ work. A quick recap:

  • Keep Boosts in at first, allowing us to focus on crate removal as a priority
  • Add in 3 Tiers
  • Circle back on Boosts after the crates had been removed, removing them and replacing them with a better system

We’ve had loads of player feedback on this, which has led to Tiers proving to be a bit of a minefield. So based on your feedback, we’ve had to rethink them a bit to improve the concept.

Here’s what we’re currently planning; as always, let us know what you think:

Bye Bye Boosts, Hello 5 Tiers

  • We will remove Boosts
  • We will add 5 Tiers (up from our original plan of 3 Tiers)
  • Tiers will be named based on Rarity i.e. Epic Tier, Legendary Tier, etc. (i.e. 5 rarities, 5 tiers)
  • We will bring back Robot Ranking (RR)
  • Each part will have a Robot Rank (RR), higher rarity parts will have a higher RR and weapons will tend to have higher RR than other parts
  • Your Robot’s total Robot Rank will determine what Tier it is, e.g. you might have an ‘Epic Robot’
  • You can use a diverse range of parts in each Tier, for example you may combine a Legendary Weapon with a bunch of Rare Movement parts to get an Epic Robot

Basically everything described above is similar to how the old popular Tier system worked in previous versions of Robocraft which also featured the Tech Tree, but updated to work with the 5 rarity scheme we have now.

Introduction of LMH Cubes

  • We plan to introduce the concept of Light, Medium and Heavy (LMH) cubes to Robocraft.
  • Heavy cubes will be Common rarity
  • Medium Cubes will be Rare
  • Light Cubes will be Epic

At lower Tiers you will see mostly Heavy cubes (akin to our current Health cubes), making it a great point of entry for new players. Whereas in Epic and Legendary Tiers, more complex engineering will be prevalent showing the full range of Light Medium and Heavy cubes.

The Battle Button

  • BA, TDM and League will be merged into just one ‘Battle’ button
  • When you push that button you will join the queue and will launch into a random game mode, i.e. Battle Arena, Elimination, or Team Deathmatch, this will allow us to keep all game modes and keep queue times down whilst supporting 5 Tiers
  • You will have options that allow you to ‘opt-out’ of game modes you do not like to play
  • The game will focus on matchmaking Robots of the same Tier above all else, so each Tier will feel quite distinct; with different metas and different builds appearing in each Tier
  • Your Garage Bays will show you what Tier each Robot is (the UI will be colored to show the rarity colors, i.e. yellow for Legendary)
  • All players in a Party will need to have same Tier Robots, this is to prevent frustration of unfairness for having a range of Tiers in a party
  • The Legendary Tier will matchmake by MMR as well and will always be ranked, so you will get your protonium 5 star badge by ranking up in Legendary Tier

We’re not planning to do CPU ‘bands’ for Tiers at this point; preferring instead to rely on Robot Ranking alone to define Tiers as they should provide tons of depth as it did in earlier versions of Robocraft.

As always, thanks for taking the time to read and we look forward to your feedback. Remember, nothing is set in stone and your feedback will directly impact the direction and changes we make to the game.

Mark, CEO, Freejam