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Feedback on Boosts!


Dear Robocraft Community,

So we seem to have made some good progress on our plans to remove crates by discussing the plans with the community and getting consensus on a number of changes.

Here is a quick recap:

  • 100% removal of all crates
  • Replace with a Tech Tree and Tech Points to unlock parts
  • Add Robits earned at the end of battle based on performance to Forge parts
  • Add Daily Quests for XP in place of Daily Crates
  • Add in 3 Tiers, each with a different CPU cap (and add more later if the community grows after the changes)
  • Add in a random game mode system to keep all games modes active, but also add an ‘opt-out’ options menu so users don’t have to play game modes they don’t like
  • Add a Cosmetic Credits currency so users can buy cosmetics directly with real money (for fair prices)
  • Keep x2 progress speed rewards and other benefits for Premium users (Premium will get x2 XP and Robits)
  • Give Cosmetic Credits for levelling up instead of Tech Points when user has already unlocked everything on the Tech Tree, also allow Cosmetic Credits to be Forged from a lot of Robits, grinding for CC is OK as long as they are not locked behind a 100% paywall
  • Skills might work in future, but needs a lot more thought, so we’re not doing them for now so we can focus on delivering the crate removal, tech tree and tiers as a priority


Finally we discussed the idea of removing Boosts with the community and various issues related to them at present in game. After considering this we found that removing Boosts would at the very least require us to do a lot of re-balancing work, or require us to bring in other game mechanics to solve problems that removing Boosts could create.

After listening to the community and reading a lot of comments on this subject what we’re ‘hearing’ is that the community in general doesn’t like mechanics like Boosts and Overclocking at all really because they are ‘abstract’ or ‘arbitrary’ game mechanics. What players want is for the game to focus on physics and engineering so building is more like the real world and matters as it does in the real world. The community feels that mass and weight should play a pivotal role in maneuverability and acceleration and should compete against concepts like redundancy and tankiness and fire-power to create engineering depth.

If we’re hearing this right, then this is a direction we are happy to consider moving towards as a general ‘direction of travel’, but as you can imagine this could take a lot of time and iteration to achieve. For now we want to focus on the quick removal of loot crates and introduction of the Tech Tree and if those changes are things players like and the community begins to grow we can plough on and begin to focus on core engineering and physics in this way.

So, with that in mind, and to allow us to focus 100% on removal or crates we will be leaving Boosts as they are in the short term (this is the least amount of work for us).

That said, many have mentioned that they feel Boosts should be capped at 100% for now to solve a few issues in game, and since that’s a quick change for us we’re going to do that.

Also a few have highlighted that in Tier 1, where the CPU cap will be 1000 CPU the Damage Boost will mean that Robots will have too much damage and not enough health and Tier 1 won’t work very well.

A member of the community Jendar suggested a simple solution which we think we can implement quickly which is this:

  • Tier 1 – 1000 CPU max, only Speed Boost enabled (capped at 100%)
  • Tier 2 – 1500 CPU max, Speed Boost and Health Boost enabled (capped at 100%)
  • Tier 3 – max CPU, All Boosts enabled (capped at 100%)

So, by doing this we can focus on the crate removal and bringing back the Tech Tree and then when that is done, and if it goes well, we can begin to work with you on a solid way to remove Boosts and focus more on good solid engineering and physics simulation as opposed to funny mechanics like ‘Boosts’.

We hope you approve of the overall plan.

Mark, CEO, Freejam