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F-26 by realrobo

This is a no-nonsense flying Robot, if it doesn’t help me fly or shoot i don’t need it 🙂
The agility on this flyer is superb but its minimalist construction makes it a little vulnerable, just remember when you have speed and some guns just make sure you strike first !

nice work realrobo



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  1. teslobo says
    01/10/2013, 08:11

    This makes me sad skyfight was cancelled.

    • Ric (Art Jammer, Freejam) says
      01/10/2013, 08:21

      “SKYFIGHT” lets get the servers super stable and set it up again ?

  2. robofight says
    27/09/2013, 15:01


  3. Mrepic1 says
    26/09/2013, 16:18

    looks like a handful to control

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